Lovely Family of Four! (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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I had a blast with this family of four yesterday. The kids were a ton of fun and Mom dressed everyone beautifully. Have a look at this clothing combination. It’s absolutely perfect!

Here’s a preview of this fun family!

trevor-12-16a-1sm trevor-12-16a-2sm trevor-12-16a-3bsm trevor-12-16a-4sm


Beautiful Red-Headed Boy! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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It has been a real treat to have watched this little guy grow up. He’s 18 months old now and is as cute as a button. He talks a blue streak and never stops moving and smiling.

I love this little man! Here is a preview our session.

heidi-12-16-1sm heidi-12-16-2sm heidi-12-16-3sm

Photographing our dogs! (Winnipeg Pet Photographers)

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This year I  thought it was be a great idea for my boyfriend John and myself to have a picture of our 3 dogs on our Christmas card.

I set up a holiday backdrop and started on our Christmas card photo session. My hopes were high. I thought I could get one dog at a time into the studio and then stitch together a composite image for the card.  If you have ever taken pictures of dogs, you know that they aren’t the most cooperative subjects, but they do respond nicely to treats, in much the same way that little children respond to Smarties.

I took one dog at a time down to the studio.  The dogs are never allowed in the studio and being there made them anxious. Their number 1 priority was to leave, as seen in this image of Fergus. I tried with Maddie and Zara but it was hopeless. I needed a new plan.


I waited for John to get back to my house and enlisted his help. I took my best treats, some yummy bacon snacks and put all three dogs on leashes. John was in charge of giving them the treats and keeping them in line. It wasn’t easy as I also wanted them to look at the camera.

They look a lot happier in the thousands of pictures that I have of them running on the beach, which only goes to show how hard it is to pose a dog and make them smile for the camera.

But I did get something. The best ones are below.


dogs-11-16-2sm dogs-11-16-3sm dogs-11-16-4asm dogs1asm

But those statically posed and somewhat puzzled dogs do not in any way represent the character of our dogs. And isn’t photography about capturing more than a replica of who the person is. Shouldn’t it be about that person/dog’s nature.

The images below capture who our happy, fun, joyful dogs are.

I think what I will do it cut and paste them from these images and use them in a card.

What do you think?


victoria-beach-5-16-3 victoria-beach-5-16-9


21 Photo or ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography? Please vote.

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I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my portrait business to for some time now. I use for my travel/nature photography and was thinking of changing everything to be under one name.

My reasons for wanting to change it are:

  • It’s a shorter name.
  • I like the sound of it.

My reasons against changing it are:

  • It will take a lot of effort to change my business cards and website to
  • People already know me as chrismcwilliamsphotography

So I am asking you. Please tell me what you think? Should I change it or leave it as is? I  value your opinion. I know some photographers have done this kind of “rebranding.” Was it worth it? Was it as much work as I think it will be?


Here’s the poll:


Our Two Sons! (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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I love seeing my smallest clients grow up and since I hadn’t seen big brother M for a while I was surprised by how big he was and how much he talked! M loved playing with the toys here and smiled for Smarties! Little brother A is as cute as a button and gave me many lovely smiles.

I think this first image tells the story of these 2 little guys.

mark-11-16-1bwasm mark-11-16-2sm mark-11-16-4asm

Beautiful Newborn Girl! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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It was Day 17 for this little sweetie and she was absolutely perfect. She slept and was easy to pose. Lucky Mom and Dad with this beautiful little girl!

Here’s a sneak peek:


rashmi-11-16-2sm rashmi-11-16-5bwsm