Almost 2 and so Delightful! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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I’ve been photographing this little one since she was a newborn and now she’s an adorable, fast-moving “almost 2-year-old”.

It was hard to keep up with her as she raced around Kildonan Park. The 2 pictures of her walking tell the whole story of A: walking and smiling.  The cutest thing was that she kept on “woofing” like a dog, which meant that I had to woof back. Lots of fun!

Have a look at this delightful little girl!

ruth-9-16-1sm ruth-9-16-3sm ruth-9-16-4sm ruth-9-16-5sm

Our Two Sons! (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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Family photo sessions are the usually difficult when one of the children is two and a half. Children that are  known for being contrary and obstinate and getting them to cooperate is difficult.

The trick with a 2.5 year old is to get them to forget that you want them to cooperate. Once they are engaged in an activity, they might forget to be contrary and might just smile.

The older brother from this session is 2.5 and is as cute as a button, with his curly dark hair and big brown eyes. The trick was to get him involved in an activity and since there were leaves on the ground, it was easy to get him to throw some at his mom and dad and little brother. His adorable, little brother, at 7 months, was only interested in eating the leaves! I am very pleased with the family pictures that we did get!

Here is a preview of “Our Two Sons.”

sarah-9-16-1sm sarah-9-16-2bwsm sarah-9-16-3sm

And Doggie Makes Three! (Winnipeg Pet Photographers)

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I was at a fantastic seminar on the weekend where the presenter, Marlene Fast, made us think about where our Happy Place was in photography. Well, I was in that Happy Place tonight with this wonderful couple and their fun doggie. This little guy is a bundle of energy at 8 months of age and as cute as can be.

Kildonan Park was a perfect location for this fall photography session (except for a few mosquitoes). The light was perfect; the couple was fun and the dog was cute. As I said; My Happy Place.


errin-9-16-5sm errin-9-16-4sm errin-9-16-3sm errin-9-16-2sm

2 Month old Cutie! (Winnipeg Baby Photographers)

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Little E is 2 months old and cute as a button. Her smile lights up a room. But today she was not doing a lot of smiling and she made us work for every image. I predict that she will be a daddy’s girl because her dad is one of the most patient fathers that I’ve had in the studio. He had a way of calming her down that we simply amazing.

Have a look at this 2 month old cutie!

young-9-16-1sm young-9-16-2sm young-9-16-3sm young-9-16-4sm

Lisa and Mike are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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It was a beautiful September weekend for the 2 weddings that my partner and I photographed this weekend. One was  a formal event at The St. Boniface Gold Course and the other was lake wedding at a cabin in Lac du Bonnet. Both were a ton of fun with many precious moments. Today I am featuring the Lac du Bonnet wedding.

Lisa and Mike had their wedding in their beautifully landscaped yard at their cabin/house in Lac du Bonnet. Lisa and Mike both play hockey, so we got some great shots of them with  hockey sticks. I love sunflowers and they were the featured flowers at this wedding, including one in Lisa’s hair. Lisa was a gorgeous bride and I loved her elegant gown.

It just so happened that the trees were being trimmed in the yard next door to the wedding, so we got some photos with the chain saws and the lumber jacks as well!

I’m glad we took the drive out to this lovely location to photograph Lisa and Mike’s day!

Here’s a preview:

lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-1 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-20

lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-2 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-3 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-4 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-5 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-6 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-7 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-8 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-9 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-10 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-11 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-12 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-13 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-14 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-15 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-16 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-17 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-18 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-19

4 Months Old and Adorable! (Winnipeg Baby Photographers)

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I love seeing these little people grow. Just 4 months ago this little guy was a tiny baby.


Now Mr. B is much bigger and full of smiles.  He loves to moving his arms and legs to Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

Have a look at this  “Adorable 4 month old.”

elena-9-16-1sm elena-9-16-2sm elena-9-16-3sm elena-9-16-4sm