Three Families on a Weekend (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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It was probably the last weekend for outdoor family sessions and I was happy to be outside shooting. Indoor sessions are good but being outside allows for so much more variety in backgrounds and I love being in nature!

My first session was at Waterfront with this fantastic family of 4. These 2 boys were a ton of fun and although they didn’t smile right away, they couldn’t resist my tactics (Smarties, animal noises etc) for smiles.

isis-10-16-1sm isis-10-16-2sm isis-10-16-3sm

Family number 2 consisted of a fantastic dog and 2 great boys. I loved photographing these super cooperative kids and their dog. This dog, at a year old listens really well and made me feel that my girl dog needs a lot of work!

Aren’t they cute?

angie-kim-10-16-1asm angie-kim-10-16-2sm angie-kim-10-16-3sm

Family number 3 were these 3 lovely ladies. It’s always fun to work with adults as I don’t need to use tricks to get cooperation, making my job easier. This session was at Waterfront, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to shoot.


I can totally see this as an art print for the wall!



Lovely Family of Four (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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It was such a beautiful day today after the wind and rain from yesterday and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph this lovely family of four plus their dog at Bunn’s Creek Park. Bunn’s Creek Park is a lovely spot in North Kildonan and we even found some coloured leaves that were hanging onto the trees.

This has become one of my favorite families as this mom and dad met at a party at my house; a party given by my son that I wasn’t present at, but nonetheless; I think it’s kind of neat!

Here is a preview of this Lovely Family of Four!

kelly-10-16-1sm kelly-10-16-2sm kelly-10-16-3sm

Two Fabulous Families! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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The weather was beautiful on Saturday and I was happy to be out photographing families in 2 different parks. Unfortunately, it turned ugly yesterday and I had to cancel one family session.

My second session was at a little known park that is one of my favorites. McBeth Park is off of North Main on the river and has some of the biggest Oak trees in Winnipeg. This beautiful family of 4 came from Selkirk to meet me there. The 2 brothers were real cuties but brother number 2, at 18 months, was not in a happy mood. I’m glad I got this family picture where everyone looks great!


Brother number 1 was amazing at posing and a lot of fun!


It was probably my 10th session with this wonderful family of 5. I have watched this little guy’s big sisters grow up and now he is already 6 months old.

The setting for this session was St. Vital Park which was a fantastic spot for the session.

Here is the this family with no head switches and everyone looking at the camera; even the dog!


And here are these great kids!

stacey-10-16-1sm stacey-10-16-5sm

Urban Kids 2 (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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This morning I had the chance to do a session with 2 of my favorite kids; my great-niece and nephew.

We had done a session in the Exchange District when they were quite young and I wanted to do the session in the same area today. We braved some cold winds for these pictures but the kids were great!

Here they are then:


This was them today:

cornwell-10-16-2sm cornwell-10-16-4sm

Two beautiful, smart and just great kids! Love you S and N!!

cornwell-10-16-1asm cornwell-10-16-3sm

Beautiful Baby Boy! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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It was Day 12 for this little guy today and he rocked his first photo session. I love all of his adorable expressions.  I decided the only thing to do with them was to make a collage. Isn’t it adorable?

Have a look at this “Beautiful Baby Boy!”

collage-sm sarah-10-16-16sm sarah-10-16-18sm

And Baby Makes 6! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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This little guy is not only beautiful; he’s also one of the easiest babies ever to photograph. He slept and slept and slept some more and it wasn’t until the end of the session that he opened his eyes. Lucky guy to have 2 big brothers and a very attentive big sister. What a good-looking family this is!

Have a look at “Baby Makes 6!”

linda-10-16-100sm linda-10-16-102sm linda-10-16-103bw linda-10-16-104sm

Almost 2 and so Delightful! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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I’ve been photographing this little one since she was a newborn and now she’s an adorable, fast-moving “almost 2-year-old”.

It was hard to keep up with her as she raced around Kildonan Park. The 2 pictures of her walking tell the whole story of A: walking and smiling.  The cutest thing was that she kept on “woofing” like a dog, which meant that I had to woof back. Lots of fun!

Have a look at this delightful little girl!

ruth-9-16-1sm ruth-9-16-3sm ruth-9-16-4sm ruth-9-16-5sm