What a Cutie Pie! (Winnipeg Baby Photographers)

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This was session number 4 for this cutie patootie and she was as adorable as ever. We began our session in Kildonan Park but it started to rain, so we finished in my studio.

I have loved photographing this little one through all of the first year stages; watching her grow from a tiny newborn to an active one-year old.

Have a look at this one-year old cutie pie!


Simply Adorable! (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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This weekend has been a ton of fun hanging out with these 2 adorable children; 2.5 year old Y and 3 month old S;  my husband’s niece’s kids who came to Victoria Beach from their home in Toronto.

Y is not your typical two and a half-year old. Her language skills are far beyond her age and she is full of life and joy. Two year olds are usually the worst age to photograph because they are head strong and grumpy. But not this little one.

Her little sister, at 3 months of age was full of smiles and even some giggles. And look at her beautiful eyes!

Have a look at this preview:

News and Fall Special! (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Newsletter; Aug. 2018


John and I are Married!

The question of whether or not to change your name is always one that brides ask themselves. After giving this some thought I have decided that I will change mine, so I will be Christina Kaye in the near future and I might change the name of my website.  I’m looking at ckphotos or chriskayephotography or some variation of that. I will let you know when this happens. It won’t be in the next couple of months.

We are also looking to buy a place just North of the city that will hold my studio and also have a workshop for John. I don’t want to lose you, my clients, so we won’t be going too far. We both have work to do on our houses before that happens, so in the meantime, my studio will remain at 86 Taunus Dr.

Here are a few images from our wedding.

Fall Family Photo Special!

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over! July has been a whirlwind for John and I. We spent a lot of time getting the cabin ready for our wedding and planning our special day. Right after that, we spent 11 amazing days in Newfoundland and then I spent a week in Calgary with my grandson.
Now here we are, at the end of August, with fall coming along very soon.

Fall is the perfect time to update your family portrait. The days are cooler and the colours of the trees make an amazing backdrop. The best time of day for doing your family picture is at the end of the day about an hour or 2 before sunset. Sunset is around 6:30 or 7:00 pm in Oct, therefore the best time for your family session is around 5:00. Mornings around 9:30 or 10:00 is also an option but mornings tend to be quite cool in Oct.

We can, of course do sessions at other times if your schedule won’t accommodate those times.

I am usually at Victoria Beach on the weekends, which is so beautiful in the fall. I would be happy to do your session there. Let me know if that is an option for you.

I will stay in the city for the weekend of Sept. 22nd, so let me know if that weekend works for you.

I am going to waive the session fee for the first 4 families that book a family session in the fall. So don’t delay booking your session. I will need a $50 deposit to secure your session. You can use that deposit towards your purchase of prints after the session. Regular session fees are $80, so it is quite a savings!

The Best Camera?

People often ask me which camera to buy. There is no easy answer to that question  because there are a lot of factors to consider; like what you plan on using it for, what your budget is and how much knowledge you have about photography.  The short answer is that the best camera to use is the one you have with you. I would look at a site such as this one https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2369450,00.asp to see what the experts think. I have a couple of Canon SLRs but I also have the Canon G5X, which is a point and shoot camera that also shoots in RAW. I use my iPhone for a lot of pictures and it really is amazing. I don't think smart phones will ever replace SLRs or mirrorless cameras but they have improved dramatically in recent years. These are images that I took with my iPhone 6Plus. 
I took this first one at Victoria Beach. I had my SLR with me but I had a dead battery and I also had my G5X with me but no cards, so I used my iPhone to capture this amazing scene. I edited the image with Snapseed and only used Photoshop to change the DPI to 300. I blew this up to 24x36 and it looks amazing! 

I took this one while walking on a trail in Newfoundland. Again, it was the only camera I had with me and again I only used Photoshop to change the DPI to 300. 

So take a lot of pictures, using whatever you have with you, use editing software and print the ones you like best. My favourite software for my phone is Snapseed. It does pretty much anything! Have fun and let me know if you need any help.

I recently came across this poem by Spike Milligan and wanted to share it with you today.

Yours in Photography,


John and I are Married! (Winnipeg Weddings)

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John and I got married on the front lawn of our cabin at Victoria Beach.  The lake was in the background with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. It was a very hot and windy day which only made it more memorable!! We had lots of ice and refreshments available.

After months of planning and working to get the cabin finished, our wedding was fantastic. Everything was perfect and there were even some wonderful surprises.

Our caterers, Bonne Cuisine http://bonnecuisinebymichael.ca  were amazing. Not only was the food outstanding, their service was perfect. They waited on people, brought drinks, cleaned up drinks and plates and were cheery and accommodating about everything. I can’t say enough good things about them. Everyone raved about the meal.

Our cupcakes were from The Bake Oven, http://bakeoven.ca one of our haunts from my teaching days that we still sometimes visit on our regular Friday lunches. The cupcakes were delicious!

Our flowers were from Flowers are Us http://flowersruswinnipeg.caand they did an outstanding job.

We had the best photographers that a couple could ask for. Sylvia Jensen Photography  https://www.sylviajensenphotography.comand her second shooter Sandra Shibata were skillful, fun and great to work with. The images below speak to what a fantastic job they did.


There were a some moments that stand out in my mind and made the day even more perfect. This was one of them.

These are my Friday lunch friends. What a surprise to see them all arrive with red hats! Aren’t they a classy, beautiful bunch? They were an instant hit at the wedding! Thank you girls!

A second surprising moment was when I walked down the stairs for the ceremony with my brother and one of my grandsons came up the stairs and proceeded to hold my hand going down. A lovely moment indeed!

The ceremony was absolutely perfect. You can see the lake in the distance!

The toasts were funny, thoughtful  and had everyone in stitches. This is us toasting with Cameron, John’s son. Cameron had some great memories of John and my relationship that he shared.

My son, Andrew, blew me away with his toast. I honestly did not know that he could be so funny! A lot of truisms in his speech!

My niece is one of my favourite people and someone who could be my daughter. We have a lot in common and Shauna spoke to that, saying a lot of wonderful things and thoughtful things.

Another surprise was when my son, Andrew and his wife, Shannon sang a medley of songs for us. It was a wonderful gift for John and me and it was much appreciated!


After dinner we went back to the beach to take some pictures. We were there about 15 minutes when Zara, my dog, came down the stairs and onto the beach. She had come from the cabin to the beach all by herself. I have no idea how she knew where we were, but that’s my girl!

July 7, 2018 was the start of our new adventure. I know that life is sometimes difficult and challenging but having a wonderful man like John at my side is a blessing.I believe that our relationship was meant to me. We are perfect for one another; we laugh, we talk and we play. I feel very fortunate to have John to share my life with.


Lori & Jason are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Lori and Jason had their wedding ceremony last Saturday at Hawthorne Estates https://www.hawthornestates.ca in Garson. It was an absolutely perfect day with a beautiful bride and groom and some lovely backdrops for photographs. It was a bit hot; well it was really, really hot and I want to thank Jason for his patience with taking pictures.

Thank you to my wonderful assistants, Sarah Cornwell and Sylvia Jensen  https://www.sylviajensenphotography.com  . We make an amazing team and would be happy to photograph your wedding or any other event. Just give me a call and we can set that up.

Here is a preview of this wonderful couple. We wish you years of happiness, good health and many blessings!



Absolute Perfection! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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At 10 days old this little guy is absolutely perfect in every way. He was a perfect little poser and ever so cute!  His big brothers and sisters were wonderful to work with and his big sister was very helpful. Lucky family of 5 beautiful children! I’ll be posting more of this family later but here are a few to start with.

Have a look!

And Baby will make Four!! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I drove out to Lorette a couple of nights ago to photograph this good-looking family at their home. I can’t wait to meet their baby in a couple of months.

It was impossible to post just a couple of pictures as I had so many amazing images!

Have a look: