Destination Imagination 2020 (Winnipeg Photographers)

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It was my pleasure to be a volunteer photographer for Destination Imagination, an event that my niece, Shauna Cornwell spearheads. This year it was held on March 10th at Ecole River Heights.

DI is a competition where teams compete with other teams in specific challenges. Teams that win at the Regional levels go to Global Finals. This year the finals will be held in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can find out more about this program at the link Destination Imagination Info

Here are some of the pictures that I took yesterday. I was particularly struck by the pantomime done by the group from Ecole River Heights. As you can see their production looked professional!

D I 3 20-2smD I 3 20-3sm

D I 3 20sm

D I 3 20-4smD I 3 20-5smD I 3 20-6smD I 3 20-7sm

50th Years and Counting!! (Winnipeg Photographers)

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This lovely couple is celebrating 50 years of marriage and were renewing their vows this past Friday.  Their whole family came to help them celebrate and I was honoured to take pictures of these good-looking and very fun people.

Here’s a sneak peek!


Unveiling of Painting of Daryl Reid; Manitoba Legislature (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I love the variety in my job as a photographer. I do portraits of babies, children, families, head shots, weddings and the list goes on and on. Each session that I do is a new adventure with new people to meet and photograph. Photographing the unveiling of Daryl Reid’s painting at the Manitoba Legislature is an example of the variety in my job.

It was a pleasure to have had the chance to be a part of this special day and to photograph it. A special thank you to Sylvia Jensen, my friend and assistant for coming with me on short notice.

Here are a few images of this event.

And the winners were………… (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I love the thrill and challenge of competition. I love playing Scrabble and card games are right up my alley but I am not competitive in any sports. (I tried golfing for quite a few years and was terrible at it; certainly not competitive!)

Over the years I’ve entered a lot of competitions at The Manitoba Camera Club and have  learned a lot from listening to judges critique the entries; my own and other people’s.   Even though it has been often painful to hear someone tear my image apart, it also has helped me to grow as a photographer. When you put your work out there for someone else to judge, it really is like putting your heart and soul on the line. It takes courage. It takes patience and it takes a lot of hard work. You listen, you learn and you keep on trying until you get it (unless it’s golf!). I’m not where I want to be in photography but I’m on my way. And life is really about the journey and not the destination. Getting the affirmations that I got at the PPOC convention this past month have been huge.

As a member of PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) you are eligible to enter competitions both nationally and provincially. I entered a few images in both the Saskatchewan and Manitoba competitions.

The images are rated by a panel of 6 judges in the following categories: Not Accepted, Accepted, Merit and Excellence.

I received a Merit for The Face in the Tatters (seen below),  which I entered in the Saskatchewan salon.

I can’t remember where I found this image, but when I looked at it, I saw a face. I didn’t add anything to it. I just highlighted the eyes, nose, mouth and hair, did some dodging and burning and saturated the colours. And here is that mysterious face peeking out of the tatters!


I entered  Autumn Palette au Metal  (seen below) in the Manitoba competition and it did very well.  It won Most Creative Photograph for Manitoba, plus being the image that 3 judges choose for their favorite image! I feel very honoured that it was chosen by not one, or two, but three judges!

Autumn Palette au Metal is a composite. The original image was of a metal wall that I saw when I was in Barbados. As soon as I saw the wall, I imagined some fall trees in it. Once I got home, I looked through my files of fall trees and choose a couple to place on top of the image of the metal wall in Photoshop. I also added the leaves and the screws that are along the bottom. It was a process that I worked on over a period of time, always trying to step back and reassess the image.  I love the lines, the colours and the painterly look of it! What do you think?

Autumn's Palette au MetalChristina McWilliams 10 Fine Art,

Autumn’s Palette au MetalChristina McWilliams 10 Fine Art,


I want to send out a huge “Thank you” to Colleen Serban ( for taking pictures at our convention. She took the following photographs at the Awards Banquet on Oct. 29th.


This is the rep from Don’s Photo presenting me with the plaque for Most Creative Photograph! Thank you Don’s Photo! I am having this image printed on metal as a 48×36 at Don’s.




This is Pearl Angelini presenting me with the ribbons for the Judge’s Choice Awards!



Plaque and Ribbons and a Huge Smile!

Congratulations to the other awards winners:

Best Commercial Award:
Total Focus – J. Carey Lauder, CPA, F.Ph.  (
Sponsored by: Princess Auto

Best General Award:
Turner Landscape After the Storm – Ingeborg Skliros, MPA
Sponsored by: Harvard Western Insurance

Best Portrait Award:
After Dark – Paul Misseghers.   (
Sponsored by The Lab Works

Best Out of Province Award:
I pitty the fool – John Wills, CPA, LPPO
Sponsored by Aspire Studios

Best Album Award:
Venice – An Artistic Impression – Ingeborg Skliros, MPA
Sponsored by Impact Photographic Design

Judge’s Choice Awards:
Kent Wong, MPA, SPA (Jury Chair): Total Focus – J. Carey Lauder, CPA, F.Ph.  (
Lavonne Gorrill, MPA: Total Focus – J. Carey Lauder, CPA, F.Ph.  (
Mark Greschner, MPA, SPA: Turner Landscape After the Storm – Ingeborg Skliros, MPA
Walter Janzen, MPA, SPA, F.Ph., HLM: Lady in Red – Rodney Braun, MPA
Cyndie Knorr, CPA: Autumn’s Palette au Metal – Christina McWilliams
Kelsey Qualman, MPA: Autumn’s Palette au Metal – Christina McWilliams
Jay Terry, MPA.  ( : Autumn’s Palette au Metal – Christina McWilliams

Photographer of the Year: Bruce Hendricks, MPA, F.Ph., F/PPOC-BC, CPP.   (

press releases


Fireworks at the beach! (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I usually go to The Forks to photograph the fireworks and was pleasantly surprised at the fireworks at Albert Beach this weekend. Albert Beach is just before Victoria Beach on Hwy 59, so it was the perfect place to go; fewer people than in the city, very few cars, an awesome beach and sunset and spectacular fireworks.

Have a look:

canada day fireworks albert beach sm 7 16-101

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Carol Brisebois Book Launch: April.2015 (Winnipeg Event Photographers)

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It was my pleasure to photograph the book launch of Carol Brisebois’s latest book: Prayer to Serenity today at McNally Robinson book store.

Thank you to my friend and photographer extraordinaire Sylvia for coming along to help out and to shoot a video of the event.

Here is a short preview of the images from the event:

This is the absolutely beautiful merry-go-round cake (based on the book) made by the folks at the cafe in McNally Robinson.

carol b 4 15 sm-2 carol b 4 15 sm-3 carol b 4 15 sm-4 carol b 4 15 sm-5 carol b 4 15 sm-6 carol b 4 15 sm-7 carol b 4 15 sm-8carol b 4 15 sm-10

Six Years Old Now! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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I’ve been photographing this little guy’s birthday parties for a few years now. This year the event was held at The Children’s Museum once again. Last year when I was there, I was able to keep up with the kids running from spot to spot and got some great photos of them playing. This year, they were running  a lot faster and it was almost impossible to “catch” them in photos! I did get some great images from this birthday party and the great bunch of kids that were there.


The first image is of the birthday boy with his posed smile. I caught him with a friend in the second one and I love the smile on his face in that image.

kam 11 14-1sm kam 11 14-2sm

Best Buds!

kam 11 14-3sm


This little cutie, who is A’s cousin, came to help him celebrate. kam 11 14-4sm