My Aunty Caroline

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Today I am posting the eulogy that my niece, Shauna did at our aunt’s funeral yesterday. Shauna did an amazing job at capturing how we all felt about Aunty Caroline. She truly was an amazing person, who had many heart ships in her life but always dealt with them with determination and a positive attitude. Very few people in my life greeted me the way that she did; with a big welcoming hug and a happy smile. She was always interested in what my family was doing; always asked “how is John.” Her husband’s name was John and so the first time she met John she said, “that’s a good name.”

She was loved by everyone at the nursing home and one of her attendants even came to the funeral. Turns out, he knew her very well and had heard of all of us in the family. He knew our stories. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. This was the impact that Aunty Caroline had on people. She related well to everyone and also asked how they were.

She was a constant in my life from the time I was 8 and I will miss her so much.

Here is Shauna’s eulogy:

They say “every picture has a story to tell”. As we spent time looking through countless pictures and albums this week, Auntie Carol had many stories to share with us.

Her pictures told us the story of a beautiful, vibrant, young woman with a smile that could light up a room. Born in Croatia in 1934 we imagine a childhood surrounded by family and her 3 siblings; a quiet, shy young girl from simple beginnings. Caroline met John at a dance when she was 16. They hit it off from the start,  and moved to Germany after they were married, later relocating to Winnipeg in 1956. 

Her pictures told us the story of a life devoted to a man she loved. John and Caroline were inseparable. They did everything as a couple; even working together for a time at Mohr’s Quilting for a number of years before Caroline had to quit due to asthma.  

Her pictures told us a story of a woman who loved to garden and spend time in the yard. John and Carol’s yard was their pride and joy. An abundant garden of beautiful flowers and fresh veggies, fruit trees, grapes on the vine and green green grass. Their yard was always the envy of the neighborhood.

Her pictures told us the story of times spent with countless friends, family and loved ones. Entertaining was what John and Caroline loved best. Uncle John would be barbequing the meat in the backyard with his apron on while Auntie Carol took care of the stuff inside.. Fresh vegetables from the garden, salad and potatoes and of course her amazing strudel for dessert. Noone made strudel like she did. 

Her pictures told us the story of a dog named Balki who was doted on and treated like a prince. Balki enriched their lives for over 15 years and he was the center of their world. He was their devoted companion and the ultimate “furbaby” before fur babies were even a thing.

Her pictures …..gave us small windows into the many lives that she touched. The images of family from near and far. Faces of siblings, cousins, and countless, countless nieces and nephews. 

There were the faces of neighbours. Whether they be from Weinberg Road or Amber Meadows, Auntie Carol was always someone people wanted to be around. Her gentle nature, her warm smile, and her kind soul drew people in.

And the faces of  friends from her church, Emmanuel Lutheran where she and John were devoted members of the congregation for numerous years. Her faith was always a huge part of her life.

Over the little while we have missed Auntie Carol at family dinners and special occasions. Sarah’s graduation, Nate’s 16th birthday, Ron’s Liver Transplant Anniversary, and Christmas dinner at John & Chris’ have not been quite the same without Auntie Carol’s presence. Navigating through lockdowns, and the regulations of personal care homes have made spending time with her a challenge. It makes me sad to think of her being so isolated over the last couple of years, knowing how much she has always enjoyed socializing with others. 

So for that reason, it is one picture that has stuck with me most this week. It is one that was always mounted for as long as I can recall. I remember seeing it as a child on the wall in the spare room in their home, seeing it in the apartment on Leila and in her suite at Fred Douglas. It is the poem “Footprints” and I am sure many of you are familiar with it. 

The significance of this keepsake reminds me of the deep faith Auntie Carol has always carried with her and it comforts me to know that she was never truly alone. We can all find solace in a new picture…… a picture of Caroline being reunited with her life long partner, John, her beloved dog Balki, all safely in the care of our Lord. 

Auntie Carol, we love you. We will miss you, the grace of your presence and that wonderful smile.

Newsletter: Winter 2021:Studio Reopening?

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Studio Opening? 

Photography studios will in all likelihood be allowed to open after this weekend. It will be wonderful to be able to welcome clients into my home studio again.   I am however, very concerned about safety, both for my clients and for myself and my husband. It is easier for some businesses to open than it is for others. Most businesses can ask customers to wear a mask the whole time, while in their place of business. Photographers aren’t able to do that; unless people want their pictures taken with a mask on. Something that I am sure most people would not want! Therefore it is very important that safety protocols are followed.

I made up a list of safety measures that I will have in place as seen in the following document:

I have had some inquiries re: newborn photography. I don’t know if the new restrictions will allow newborn photography but if they do, I will do mini one hour newborn sessions only. I will do a regular full newborn sessions once I am vaccinated. 

Let me know if you have any questions about these safety measures. 

New Family Member!

Sadly, we lost our dog, Fergus in December. Fergus was 13 and had been a wonderful dog but it was his time to cross the rainbow bridge. 
As we wanted to stay with 3 dogs, we adopted a new puppy from Spirit of Hope Rescue named Kassidy. 

 We all fell in love with Kassidy right away. Well, that isn’t quite true. Zara has taken some time getting used to her new sister, but she is growling less and even playing with her sometimes!

This is Kassidy:

I love photographing all dogs, but especially puppies and look forward to photographing more dogs very soon! 

I plan to do another dog photo promotion soon so watch for that!

And Finally

A cute illustration. 

Yours in Photography,


Kassidy:Cuteness Overload!(Winnipeg Dog Photography)

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There is much more life in our house these days with our new puppy. Kassidy is not only as cute as a button, but is full of beans and has the most wonderful temperament. She has kept us on our toes making sure that she doesn’t chew up our shoes and eat the plants in the house. She has caused our 2 other dogs some stress and they are not particularly happy about this new canine invading their space, but there is some improvement. Zara, who is 6 years old, is not at all impressed with the playfulness of the puppy and must have a sore throat from all of her growling. She has been caught giving Kassidy a few kisses though and has chased and played with her while outside. Maddie is spending a lot of time hiding in corners or staying outside to get away from Kassidy. I am sure that with time Zara and Maddie will accept Kassidy into their pack, especially as we think Kassidy will get bigger than Zara and it will be more dangerous for Zara to pick on a dog that is bigger than her.

Here is our adorable puppy.

Winnipeg Puppy Photographers
Narol, Mb. Photographers of dogs
Cutest Puppy Photographers Winnipeg

Remembering Fergus!

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The worst part of having a dog and loving that dog is that they will more than likely die before you. Fergus, out big black dog with a gentle soul died last night.

Fergus was 13 years old. He was a dog that my step daughter, Liz, rescued as a puppy. Fergus was always her special dog but Fergus lived with us for most of his years, as Liz was either away or living in an apartment. The house is more empty right now, with fewer dogs to step over. I’m sure our other 2 dogs are missing him as well.

Fergus’s vet described him as “a gentleman of the highest order” and that is the a perfect description of him. Fergus was a gentle, easy going dog. He wasn’t easily rattled. Zara, my lively energetic dog would nip at his legs to get him to play and he put up with her. He rarely got angry with her, but when he did, she listened. He had that kind of presence.

It is never easy losing a dog. Fergus had been diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and we knew his time was limited, but it is still a shock to lose him.

We believe that Fergus will join all of the other dogs that John and I have lost, crossing the rainbow bridge and free to run after squirrels while free of pain. Rest in Peace Fergus.

Gift Certificate Sale: Winnipeg Photography Newsletter!

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Endless COVID!

This is an unprecedented and scary time in the world. Cases of Covid and deaths continue to rise in Manitoba. 

Things improved in the summer and I was able to open my studio and do some wonderful portraits, but now that can’t happen. Our case numbers in Manitoba are too high and the cost would be too great if my clients or I became ill. I’m happy that I was able to do some fall sessions outside, but the weather isn’t cooperating to do that now in November. 
So things are slow. 
I miss photographing newborns. I haven’t felt that it was safe to do newborn pictures at any time since the spring.  I have newborn outfits that I haven’t used and new Christmas backdrops that I can’t use. I know that many businesses are suffering and it is best to close shop. It is better to be safe. 


If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone on your list, why not consider a gift certificate for photography? And to help you with that, I am offering a gift certificate sale.

For a limited time all gift certificates will be 20% off. That means if you buy someone a $300 gift certificate, it would cost $240; a savings of $60. For the $240 that you would pay, the recipient would receive the session plus $220 worth of products, such as 4 8x10s or a couple of 16x20s. 

The gift certificate would be valid for all of 2021. 

It’s an easy gift option for you and you wouldn’t need to leave your home to purchase it. I could email the gift certificate to you or print it and put it into the mail for you.  

Don’t delay. This offer is good until Dec. 10th. Get your Christmas shopping done now and support a local business. 

Photo Restoration

Another great Christmas gift idea is to have some old faded photographs restored.  Here are some examples of pictures that I’ve restored. 

 It’s amazing how much information can be restored in old photographs! 

Estimates for photo restoration are based on how much time it would take me to restore your photo and would depend on how much damage there is in the original print. 

This is another gift that you would not need to leave your house to purchase. The original could be mailed to me or you could send me a digital copy by email. I would mail the restored print back to you. It would be a very safe and simple procedure. 

And Finally

Yours in Photography,


Beautiful Family! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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It was my pleasure to photograph this lovely family of 2 boys and their girl dog. It was one of the easiest, most pleasurable sessions ever, as these brothers at a year and 5 years old were so cute and cooperative and their dog was adorable.

Maddie, the dog, is a 10 year old black German shepherd. She was very comfortable coming to visit and went exploring in the house, surprising my husband, who was sitting at his second floor office when she suddenly appeared behind him. Needless to say, he was a bit shocked at first!

Here’s a sneak peek of this family:

Winnipeg Pet Photographers

Maddie, the adorable dog!

Winnipeg Family Photography

Just Me and My Brother!


End of Summer….. (Winnipeg Photography Newsletters)

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The End of Summer Edition

Dog Sessions: Round 2

I loved meeting all the dogs that came for my first round of dog portraits.

Here are some of the wonderful dogs that I photographed  in the spring.

My goal in doing these model calls is to put together a book similar to  one that I received for Christmas last year. I love the book shown below and the adorable dogs in it.

In order to be consistent with the next round of pictures I will use a black or a brown backdrop. The sessions will likely need to be done in the studio. The other option is to hang a backdrop in the yard and do them outside. This may be easier for some dogs that are more timid. Doing sessions outdoors is always weather and shade dependent, so times would be more limited but I think it could work well.

The details of this model call are listed below and are the same as the first round of pictures. I will need a $50 retainer from you in order to book your session. As well, you will need to fill in a form with details about your dog.

I will take reservations immediately, so don’t delay in calling: 204.962.3424.

And the winner was………

A while ago, before the pandemic, I offered a little girls dress up special that included a draw for a $600 prize. I am happy to report that this little girl’s mom won the prize.  The lucky winner decided that she would like an album. I had done a few previous sessions for this long time client, so I included images from  previous sessions and created this lovely album. I know this album will be enjoyed for years to come by this family.


Do you need a new headshot for your business profile or for an online dating site? I can help you and make the process as painless as possible!

You can see what I am offering in the poster below. This price is only for sessions in the studio. I will do sessions in other locations for an additional cost. As well, the digital images for these headshots will be low resolution and sized for online sites. They are not sized for printing.

I will be available during the week for headshots, as well as a few spots on the weekends. This is a limited time offer so don’t delay. You can email me at
or call at 204.962.3424 to reserve your spot.

And Finally

I love this poster which we have up in our cabin. I hope you are all “digging life” right now at this difficult time. I think many of us have given more thought to the things that are most important in life and I think this poster sums it up really well.

Yours in Photography,


Marlene and Barry: 50 Years and Counting! (Winnipeg Event Photography)

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I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Marlene and Barry’s lovely family last Saturday on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. Marlene and Barry celebrated with their 2 sons and their wives and their 5 grandchildren.

I really enjoyed working with the kids, who were real cuties, but  were also completely cooperative when posing for pictures!

The best part of this day was when Marlene wore her original wedding dress and Barry dressed up in a very dapper looking suit. How many of us would fit into our wedding dresses from 50 years ago? I know I wouldn’t be able to.

What a lovely couple Marlene  and Barry made then and still make now!


And here Marlene and Barry are now.  Barry bought the red and white roses for his bride. Notice the lovely smiles  on both of them.

Winnipeg Event Photographers

Winnipeg Family Photographers

2020 50th Anniversary

Winnipeg Event PhotographyHere are Barry and Marlene with their 5 grandchildren!  Don’t they look like great kids!