Two Families at The Forks! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Yesterday was a busy day at The Forks because was a huge bike race going on and a lot of the area was roped off for the track. The spots that I usually use with a backdrop of trees and the river were not available. It was a challenge to find a suitable area and I thank the first family for their patience. By the time the second family arrived, I had a plan and it worked perfectly.

This is family #1. Have a look.

carolyn natalie 10 14-1sm carolyn natalie 10 14-2sm carolyn natalie 10 14-3sm


And family #2 with 2 big brothers and their cutie pie 4-year-old sister.

carolyn natalie 10 14-4sm carolyn natalie 10 14-5bwsm carolyn natalie 10 14-6asm

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