We are Family! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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It was a lovely evening at The Forks last night but there were tons of mosquitoes. Be sure to bring along some repellent if you plan to be there in the next while.

I enjoyed meeting this 3 generational family and especially the youngest member of this family. At 14 months G is as cute as button but we did have to work hard to get smiles out of her.

Have a look at this preview:

jenna 7 16-1sm jenna 7 16-2sm] jenna 7 16-3sm jenna 7 16-4sm


Two Year Wedding Anniversary! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Looking at these pictures you might think that this couple just got married, but in fact, it was their 2 year wedding anniversary and the bride wanted to wear her wedding dress as they didn’t have a lot of photos taken at their actual wedding.

It was really fun to work with this couple and this 7-month old son.

She was a beautiful bride whether it was their wedding or not!

Here’s a preview:

casey 6 15-1sm casey 6 15-2sm casey 6 15-3sm casey 6 15-4sm casey 6 15-5sm

Two Families at The Forks! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Yesterday was a busy day at The Forks because was a huge bike race going on and a lot of the area was roped off for the track. The spots that I usually use with a backdrop of trees and the river were not available. It was a challenge to find a suitable area and I thank the first family for their patience. By the time the second family arrived, I had a plan and it worked perfectly.

This is family #1. Have a look.

carolyn natalie 10 14-1sm carolyn natalie 10 14-2sm carolyn natalie 10 14-3sm


And family #2 with 2 big brothers and their cutie pie 4-year-old sister.

carolyn natalie 10 14-4sm carolyn natalie 10 14-5bwsm carolyn natalie 10 14-6asm

The Forks and Exchange (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I think winter may have lessened its grip on us. Today was a beautiful winter day and I went out to get some shots at The Forks and the Exchange, as well as a few other places. I enjoyed being out with all the other people who were out. Most didn’t have a camera like I did but people were out walking, skating, tobogganing, and just having fun.

Here are some of my favourites from today:

forks, exchangesm 3 14-1 forks, exchangesm 3 14-2 forks, exchangesm 3 14-3 forks, exchangesm 3 14-4 forks, exchangesm 3 14-5 forks, exchangesm 3 14-6 forks, exchangesm 3 14-7

Aboriginal Pow Wow 2013 (Winnipeg Event Photographers)


I went to the Forks yesterday and photographed some of the aboriginal dancing at the Pow Wow. You will notice that I took  a lot of images of one particular dancer as he caught my eye with his beautiful indigenous regalia , his intense expressions  and his dancing.

powwow 6 13-1

powwow 6 13-2

powwow 6 13-3

powwow 6 13-4

powwow 6 13-5

powwow 6 13-6

powwow 6 13-7

Just Me and My Daughter! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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It was a pleasure to do this session this afternoon at The Forks.  The weather cooperated and the ladies looked lovely!

You may want to consider outdoor photos in the winter after you see this preview! I am always open to doing portraits outside as long as the wind isn’t too bad!

Look at these great photos!

jane 11 12-1smjane 11 12-2smjane 11 12-3sm


Two Beautiful Boys (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I had fun with this family today at The Forks. This beautiful mama was pampered at the spa first and then met us for the session. If any of husbands are reading this take note: wives love to be pampered and what a great idea to buy your wife/partner some spa treatments and then have some family pictures done. Follow that by an evening out on the town!


4-year old A was quite shy to start with but after some animal noises and silliness he came out of his shell and gave me some gorgeous smiles. His 8 month old brother has the most  adorable smiles and was full of them today.

Here’s a sneak peek!