New Canadians! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I had the honour of photographing a family today, on the day that they became Canadian citizens. This family of 6 came from the Philippines 8 years ago and were very excited to become Canadians.

I was born in Austria and at the age of 10, I  became a Canadian citizen. I don’t remember the ceremony but I can imagine that my parents must have felt proud on that day as well.  Canada is a wonderful country to live in, even if we  have 6 months of winter in Winnipeg and even though summer means mosquitoes and spring means flooding. We have freedoms that much of the world does not have and for the most part our human rights are attended to.

I enjoyed meeting this family. The children were so much fun and a couple of them hammed it up for the pictures. Here are some of my favorites:

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