Four Families; Four Locations (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I had a busy Saturday and Sunday photographing families; four in total, in 4 different locations.

I am behind in my editing because of spending 4 days of  last week on We Day, between photographing it and editing it, but it is done and I hope to be caught up with my other work in the next couple of days!

This 7-month old sweetie came to my studio for some photos of her with her mom and dad. She had tons of smiles for me and had me completely charmed. I love the image of her peeking at me as she crawls away from her parent.

cindy kerri 10 13-4bwsm

cindy kerri 10 13-5sm

I met this family of 11 at the Legislative Building and had a great time with this 2-year-old. Grandma was making faces right behind me in the second image. Love her big smile for Grandma!

cindy kerri 10 13-1sm - Copy

cindy kerri 10 13-2sm

cindy kerri 10 13-3sm

It was a lot of fun to do this session with these 2 sisters and their mom and dad at Bunn’s Creek Park. It turned out that their mom had been at my house and was a friend of one of my sons. It’s a small world in North Kildonan.

kelly 10 13-1sm

kelly 10 13-2sm

kelly 10 13-3asm

This little two-year old was not too excited to get her picture taken today and was not going to give me any smiles but I do love her intensity in this photograph. In contrast, her 4-year old brother loved the camera and was happy to pose for me. These were done at the Forks.

tiffany 10 13-2sm

tiffany 10 13-3sm

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