Two Plus Two (dogs + humans) (Winnipeg Pet Photographer)

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My second shoot today was of these 2 big adorable dogs with their owners. I love dogs and these 2 boys were no exception. They make my dog look like a midget!

I say it all the time, but it bears repeating. I meet the most amazing people in this job. I love hearing people’s stories and the story I heard today tore at my heartstrings. You may notice that the clients in these photos are wearing yellow bracelets. When I asked them if they wanted them in the photos, the answer was yes. You see the yellow bracelets are a symbol of fundraising for cancer and Darren, the man in the photos has cancer. He has leukemia. Cancer affects all of our lives. My father died of cancer at the age of 67. I have friends who have died of cancer. Darren has been fighting Leukemia for 7 years. He looks as healthy as any one of us. Money is needed to help in the fight against this deadly disease to help people like Darren survive. We all need to do what we can in this fight. We can win against cancer. I canvas for the Cancer Society in April. Many people say that they give at the office. I understand. But if you can give, please do.

On a less serious note, these dogs were very cute but they didn’t respond well to my barks and meows. I had to work hard to get images where they looked at me but I did get them. Here is a preview:

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