Another Adorable Couple of Dogs; and Kids! (Winnipeg pet photographers)

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These 2 huge dogs came to the studio last weekend. We are dog lovers here so I always welcome dogs into the studio. These 2 were a bit bigger than most of the dogs that come but they were great to photograph. I love those large eyes and big tongues!

When I had my first Westie we had a big picture printed and framed for above our fireplace. A friend of mine used to give me a hard time because she thought the dog picture was larger than any pictures of the kids. Well, when I look at this dog picture of these 2 adorable beasts, I see it above a fireplace or on a large wall.

And here are two adorably cute kids:

Family of Four plus One! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Today was my first session after the studio renovation. It was great to be able to use the studio again and I loved my new brick backdrop. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this one.

I enjoyed photographing this good-looking family of four with their little white dog. It had been a few years since our last session so it was nice to see these kids again.

Here’s are a couple of images from this session:


Photographing our dogs! (Winnipeg Pet Photographers)

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This year I  thought it was be a great idea for my boyfriend John and myself to have a picture of our 3 dogs on our Christmas card.

I set up a holiday backdrop and started on our Christmas card photo session. My hopes were high. I thought I could get one dog at a time into the studio and then stitch together a composite image for the card.  If you have ever taken pictures of dogs, you know that they aren’t the most cooperative subjects, but they do respond nicely to treats, in much the same way that little children respond to Smarties.

I took one dog at a time down to the studio.  The dogs are never allowed in the studio and being there made them anxious. Their number 1 priority was to leave, as seen in this image of Fergus. I tried with Maddie and Zara but it was hopeless. I needed a new plan.


I waited for John to get back to my house and enlisted his help. I took my best treats, some yummy bacon snacks and put all three dogs on leashes. John was in charge of giving them the treats and keeping them in line. It wasn’t easy as I also wanted them to look at the camera.

They look a lot happier in the thousands of pictures that I have of them running on the beach, which only goes to show how hard it is to pose a dog and make them smile for the camera.

But I did get something. The best ones are below.


dogs-11-16-2sm dogs-11-16-3sm dogs-11-16-4asm dogs1asm

But those statically posed and somewhat puzzled dogs do not in any way represent the character of our dogs. And isn’t photography about capturing more than a replica of who the person is. Shouldn’t it be about that person/dog’s nature.

The images below capture who our happy, fun, joyful dogs are.

I think what I will do it cut and paste them from these images and use them in a card.

What do you think?


victoria-beach-5-16-3 victoria-beach-5-16-9


And Doggie Makes Three! (Winnipeg Pet Photographers)

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I was at a fantastic seminar on the weekend where the presenter, Marlene Fast, made us think about where our Happy Place was in photography. Well, I was in that Happy Place tonight with this wonderful couple and their fun doggie. This little guy is a bundle of energy at 8 months of age and as cute as can be.

Kildonan Park was a perfect location for this fall photography session (except for a few mosquitoes). The light was perfect; the couple was fun and the dog was cute. As I said; My Happy Place.


errin-9-16-5sm errin-9-16-4sm errin-9-16-3sm errin-9-16-2sm

Zara is Two!! (Winnipeg Pet Photography)

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My girl, Zara came in to my life when she was 4 months old and this month she turns 2. I’ve had a few dogs in my life and have written about Mac Taylor I loved both of them but Zara is a totally different  dog from any that I’ve had before. Mac was fun but Zara is even more fun and she doesn’t have the evil twin side that Mac had. Taylor was affectionate like Zara but he didn’t like to play. Zara has the best of both of their personalities and is beautiful as well.

This is Zara at 4 months. 



zara 11 14-2sm

Zara loves her toys and she has tons of them. She especially likes ones that make a noise and will sit and make a toy squeak anytime I’m on the phone or not paying attention to her. Zara also loves bones and branches and sticks and almost anything she can get her mouth on, including 2 Fitbits, a friend’s shoes and one hearing aid. Yes, she can be destructive but that is getting a lot better.

She is the top dog among the 2 dogs that my boyfriend, John has. His 2 dogs are older and bigger but they let her push them around and she eats first. It’s is kind of amazing but she shows her teeth and growls at them if they overstep their bounds. Either one of them could take her on but they don’t. I’m not sure why.

John’s dog, Maddie is her best friend. It’s clear that the 2 of them love each other. Maddie will clean Zara’s ears and the 2 of them will play and romp around together. Maddie was quite sick with  Blastomycosis before Zara met her and she lost one eye. It affected her personality and she slowed down a lot. Zara has been very good for Maddie as she now is back to her old playful self.

This is Zara and Maddie:

victoria beach 5 16-9 victoria beach 5 16-10

If you know dogs, you know that some are smarter than others. I don’t like to brag, but Zara is very smart. She is probably the smartest dog I’ve had. She aced the obedience class that I took her to and she knows a ton of words. Here are some of them:

  • cookie
  • treat
  • walk
  • car ride
  • time to get up
  • time for bed
  • beach
  • water
  • food
  • come
  • sit
  • shake a paw
  • down
  • stay
  • stop
  • Maddie
  • Fergus
  • Mommie
  • John
  • Go pee
  • Grandma’s house
  • hugs
  • cuddles
  • up
  • be a good girl
  • No
  • UH UH!

Since it was her birthday, I got her a special cookie and we did a photo session. Here are some of the pictures:

zara 6 16-1 zara 6 16-3 zara 6 16-4 zara 6 16-6 zara large 6 16-1

Too Cute!! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Bindy today at 9 months young. Isn’t she cute?  Actually Miss Bindy brought along her 2 young humanoids to help with the pictures. There were a few protests and a bit of high-pitched barking but Miss B was very cooperative and we got some great pictures of her with her lovely family!

Have a look!



taylor 11 15-2sm taylor 11 15-3sm taylor 11 15-4sm

A Fishy Tale about my Dog! (Winnipeg Pet Photographers)

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My dog Zara had quite an adventure last weekend. One that ended up with me buying a shock training collar for her and also enrolling us in Obedience Classes.

Most weekends Zara and I go to Victoria Beach with my boyfriend John and his dogs. The dogs love it there and Zara especially enjoys the water.

Last weekend I took the 3 dogs for a walk down to the beach. It wasn’t that warm out and the only other person there also had a dog.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, there were fish carcasses on the beach. And Zara found 3 of them! The first 2 were relatively easy to get away from her. I got them out of her mouth, distracted her and threw them away. The third one was another story. For some reason she absolutely loved this third one. These remains weren’t  just a carcass  like the first 2, but had skin and bones on it. In this first picture you can see her in the bushes with her prize.

zara vb sm 6 15-10

Pretty cute isn’t it? In fact, this was after I  had attempted to get it away from her the first time and had thrown it into the bushes. She went right after it and retrieved it.

She had a ball with it in the water as you can see from these pictures.

zara vb sm 6 15-1 zara vb sm 6 15-2


The fish is flying out of her mouth here! zara vb sm 6 15-3 zara vb sm 6 15-4 zara vb sm 6 15-5 zara vb sm 6 15-6 zara vb sm 6 15-7


I used everything I could think of to get the fish away from her: yelling, smacking her nose and pulling her ears. None of it worked. She was not going to give up her fish. It was embarrassing to have people watching this display of outright dog disobedience.

The only way that I could get the fish out her mouth was by prying it open with brute strength. The second time that I got it away from her I again tried to distract her and I threw the fish  down on the rocks; thinking there was no way she was going to get it back; but of course she did. At this point I was fit to be tied and ready to give my sweet little girl away,  but thought that at least we would go back to the cabin and that would be the end of the fish.

Well my little evil pixie outsmarted me. Even as I write this, I am amazed at how smart she is. She must have read my mind and thought, “She’s going to take this fish away from me, so I’ll hide it in the bushes.” And that is exactly what she did. I tried to find the fish but could not.

Zara was tied up for the rest of the day after her misadventure.

The next morning she was let loose and I came out of the cabin to find her savouring the smells and flavours of one dirty, rotting fish. She knew exactly where she had left her fish and got it as soon as she had the chance.

One thing is certain after this incidence. Zara, although sweet and cute is also very stubborn and only listens when it suits her.

That is going to change. The training collar came in the mail today and the Obedience classes start in July.

The question that I ask myself is this: ” Can I bring this dog in line?” What do you think?

You can see the rest of the pictures that I took here: