Computer Glitches (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I love computers. I love all the wonderfully neat things that you can do on a computer.  But one of the most frustrating things in my life is when I computer doesn’t work. And today has been one long computer glitch day.  And since it was a computer glitch day, it meant that I am so far behind in editing that I need to do some all nighters to catch up. Or something.

So the first problem was that my files were zonking around and having a party. Literally dancing! And dancing fast so that I couldn’t catch them. I spent 3 hours his morning trying to figure out why they wouldn’t stop moving with no luck. In an effort to not waste any more time, I unplugged everything and took the computer to Future Shop, where a very nice technician looked at it. Guess what? The files were tame; not dancing at all. Which meant only one thing; the computer was fine. It was either the mouse or the monitor. Well, the good news was that the mouse was the culprit. I tried a new mouse and the dancing was gone. All fine. Well not quite.

You see when I connected everything again, I couldn’t get the internet back on my computer. After talking to a very unfriendly and very stressed and impatient technician, I don’t know if it’s working yet. What a difference dealing with the 2 people I dealt with today. The man at Future Shop was great. The one at MTS left a whole lot to be desired. I think I am more computer savvy that a lot of my friends. I felt like he treated me like a dummy.

I did have 2 bright spots in my day. One was the session I did this morning with one of my favorite families and the other was the walk at Kilcona with my dog and my great-niece. The beauty around me was incredible and the company was great.

A post of my morning session will follow. Trying to get to the gym today so will head there now. May just help to clear my mind.  (Yest another reboot is in progress). And in case you are wondering, I’m writing on my laptop which is working just fine!


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