The Great Train Robbery! (Prairie Dog Central)


Today was a blast from the past when my friend John and I went on the Prairie Dog Central for The Great Train Robbery. It was  a ton of fun even though it rained for more of the trip and was freezing cold outside. The train leaves Inkster Junction and travels at a very slow pace to Grosse Isle. We could see people in vehicles stopping all along the way to take pictures when they saw the train coming and some that took pictures while they were driving. The funniest thing was how the cows in the fields ran for their lives when the smoke came towards them.

I highly recommend this adventure. Here are some images from our day:

The robbers coming to get money from the unsuspecting passengers.

prairie dog 9 14 sm-1


Hands up!

prairie dog 9 14 sm-2

Handing money over at gunpoint.

prairie dog 9 14 sm-3


Waiting for his company of thieves to come back with the money.

prairie dog 9 14 sm-4

Scary bandit!

prairie dog 9 14 sm-5


Love the train with the autumn leaves around it. prairie dog 9 14 sm-6 prairie dog 9 14 sm-7 prairie dog 9 14 sm-8 prairie dog 9 14 sm-9

Shovelling coal


prairie dog 9 14 sm-10


John got to sit in the engineer’s seat.

prairie dog 9 14 sm-11

This is part of a movie set that is being shot in Grosse Isle.

prairie dog 9 14 sm-12 prairie dog 9 14 sm-13


prairie dog 9 14 sm-14

Amazing how much smoke filled the air.

prairie dog 9 14 sm-15 prairie dog 9 14 sm-16 prairie dog 9 14 sm-17 prairie dog 9 14 sm-18

2 thoughts on “The Great Train Robbery! (Prairie Dog Central)

  1. Well, It was certainly a fantastic day! The children loved it and I would recommend the trip to everyone…..seated in a coach 107 manufactured in 1911 and pulled by a steam locomotive set in operation during the Louis Riel Rebellion in 1885. History come alive!

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