Beautiful Baby Boy! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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I loved every minute of photographing this 13 day old baby boy. He barely made a peep the whole time he was here and let me pose him without a problem. To top it off, he has the most beautiful skin that barely needs any photoshopping!

Lucky parents with this little man!

Here’s a preview of our session:

robin 6 16-1bwsm robin 6 16-2sm robin 6 16-4sm robin 6 16-6asm

Beautiful Baby Boy! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy on Day Ten today. He was just as cute as a button and a perfect little poser.

I enjoyed meeting him and his grandparents who were here from Alberta to meet their new grandbaby. Lucky family to have this little fellow!

Here’s a sneak peek at today’s beautiful baby boy!

cindel 6 16-1sm cindel 6 16-2bsm cindel 6 16-3asm cindel 6 16-4sm

10 Day Old Beauty! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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Today was Day Ten for this little beauty, who came for her first photo session today. It was great to see her little brother again, who is also as cute as a button!

This little Miss made us work for the poses, but it was totally worth it.

Look at this adorable baby girl!

harbinger 5 16-1sm harbinger 5 16-3sm harbinger 5 16-4asm harbinger 5 16-5sm

Precious Newborn Boy! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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This precious little guy is 11 days new today and he rocked his first photo session. Mr. B. is very active and loves to move his hands and legs. He scrunches his lips in the most adorable ways.

I loved photographing this little cutie!


elena 5 16-1bwsm elena 5 16-2sm elena 5 16-3sm elena 5 16-6sm

Perfection at 10 Days New! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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This is Baby Number Three for this family and he couldn’t be more perfect! I loved photographing and cuddling this little guy yesterday. Not only is he as cute as a button, but he made my job easy but giving me eyes-open pictures and sleepy baby ones.

Have a look at Mr. W at 10 days new!

stacey 4 16-10sm stacey 4 16-11asm stacey 4 16-12sm stacey 4 16-14bwsm

Perfect Newborn Doll! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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It was Day 12 for this precious little girl and she was absolutely perfect for her photography session. Not only does she have the most beautiful features and lovely smiles; she is also a prefect little poser.

I loved photographing her!

Here’s a sneak peek for this Perfect Newborn Doll!

ibi 4 16-1sm ibi 4 16-2sm ibi 4 16-3sm ibi 4 16-4sm


Lovely Little Baby Girl! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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I fell in love with this lovely little baby girl. It was Day 6 for her yesterday and she was as sweet as she looks in these pictures; a perfect newborn to photograph. Her almost 2-year old brother was a lot of fun to work with but I am still waiting for a hug from him!

Here’s a preview of this lovely little lady and her handsome brother!

timothy 2 16-1sm timothy 2 16-2sm timothy 2 16-3sm timothy 2 16-4bwsm

A Perfect Little Doll! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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This perfect little doll made us work for every pose yesterday, but we got some amazingly beautiful pictures of her. Her big dark eyes, her dark hair, along with her lovely smile melted my heart.

I had a hard time picking the ones to feature on my blog. Here is a sample of what we got:

joseph 12 15-100sm joseph 12 15-101sm joseph 12 15-103sm joseph 12 15-110sm

Adorable at 11 Days! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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This little one was absolutely adorable today for her first photo session. I was able to get  pictures of her with her eyes wide open, pictures with smiles and some sleepy baby ones. All of this with barely a whimper.

I loved cuddling and photographing Little Miss I.

Have a look at this preview:

marinela 12 15-1sm marinela 12 15-100sm marinela 12 15-101sm marinela 12 15-102sm