Beautiful Mama! (Winnipeg Maternity Photographers)

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I had an amazing response to my model call. Thank you to everyone who passed on my request for maternity models. It was much appreciated. I am booked up for the next couple of weeks, but if anyone is due after mid March, I might be interested.

This beautiful lady and her adorable 3-year old were my first models. It was  a lot of fun to work this these 2.

Here’s a sneak peek!

I love it when I get a surprise when I look at my uploaded images. This first image is an example of that. I had no idea the little one was copying what her mom was doing. I love her expression!

Call out for Maternity Models! (Winnipeg Maternity Photographers)

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Call out for all pregnant mamas!

I’m looking for some models for maternity photos. The purpose of these images will be to build my maternity portfolio and possibly enter the images into competitions. I have some new gowns and some exciting ideas that I want to try out.

Applicant for this model call must:

  • be 30 to 38 weeks pregnant in February.
  • be willing to sign a model release to allow me to use their images
  • send me a photo of themselves. This can be a selfie taken with a phone.

The benefit of doing this model call:

  • Applicant will receive a free photography session and a $100 print credit.
  • This is a $150 value with no cost to you.
  • Your newborn session would be half price with another $100 print credit. This is a savings of $162.

If you are interested please email me at

I will forward an application to you with further details.

Please share with any of your friends who might qualify or tag them on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you,


Products at ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography! (Winnipeg Photography Studios)

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I’ve spent the last couple of months developing and purchasing some beautiful products for my photography studio.  I want to provide my clients with heirloom artwork; products that they can’t get anywhere else.

Digital files will and do disappear, whether on a failed hard drive, lost in a drawer or on a damaged DVD.  It happens all the time. Clients often contact me to see if they can get a copy of an image that we took a few years ago. The good thing is that my archives go back a number of years and I probably will have the image stored online. But how many people have that?

Prints, whether as wall art or in an album will always be accessible and professional products will last 100 years.

Having said that, here are a few of my new products:

I love the beautiful little girl in the image below and had one of the images of her printed and plaque mounted. It looks amazing!

This image has  been accepted by the Professional Photographers of Canada (Mb).


I had such a great time with this group of children. I had their image mounted on canvas. It is stunning!

The next few images are of a folio box. A folio box is a box that you keep your prints in and display either on a coffee table or on a shelf with albums and books. I know a lot of people put new prints in front of old ones in the same frame. This is a great alternative because you can see easily all the prints.

Folio boxes come in all sizes, colours and materials. The one shown is black velvet and holds 8×10 matted prints.

This is how an opened box looks.

Here is a close up of a matted print. 

Albums make cherished keepsakes. They are a great way to organize and remember events in your life. I have 2 new albums. The first one is a 5×7, has a brown leather cover and hard, lay flat pages.

This album is 10×10 inches and has a black suede cover. It also has thick pages that lay flat.

Accordion books make a great gift idea and are also a handy way to carry your favorite images with you.

Contact me if you are interested in booking a session or if you had a session a while ago and would like to purchase one of these products.

Erika and Doug as Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Love was in the air last Saturday when Erika and Doug got married. Their wedding was  at Leo Mol Gardens, the most beautiful wedding venue in Winnipeg (in my opinion). It was a pleasure for me and my team to get to know and photograph this wonderful couple. Erika had the most amazingly beautiful dress and she looked gorgeous. Both Erika and Doug looked so happy to have made this happen.

You could feel the love between these 2 beautiful people.

Here is a short preview of this wedding.

Do you need a new head shot? (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Is it time for a new head shot? Whether  you are a real estate agent, an author or a teacher, you  probably will need a head shot at some point.  You may think that getting a professional head shot is not affordable but 2 digital images cost only $120. That price includes a half hour session fee.

Give me a call if you need a new head shot. My number is 204-962-3424.

Last week I did some head shots for this teacher at Red River College. Here is a sample:

Here are 2 other recent head shots:

Family of Six! (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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It was a great day today to do some family photos with this family of 6!

Success today equalled having 4 children under the age of 7  all look at me with some manner of a smile at the same time. Oh yes, and one of them was 2!

Here is the one that worked! It might be the only one that worked. Did I mention one of the kids was two?  These 2 older boys were totally amazing with how grown up and cooperative they were. I think their younger brother will be just like that too in time.

mande 5 14-1sm

What beautiful children! Have a look!

This first one is a definite portfolio image.  Look at those beautiful eyes!

mande 5 14-2bwsm mande 5 14-3sm mande 5 14-4sm

WE DAY Part 2 (Winnipeg Event Photography)

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Here are some of the highlights of my day of photographing  Craig Kielburger at WE DAY and at the events the night before.

As I wrote in my post yesterday, I was impressed with Craig. A couple of the things that struck me about him were how he always took the time to pose with people or shake their hands. It didn’t matter if the people  were Martin Sheen or someone he didn’t know. He was the same friendly person. The other thing that struck me is this. I had previously only seen his onstage presence which is so full of energy and excitement and I was struck by how calm he was off stage. My impression of Craig Keilburger was of a deeply committed young man who is now in charge of a very large and very successful charity. I think Craig and his brother may just be what our troubled world needed.

Thank you to both of them for inspiring our youth and ourselves to do better.

To say this day was a high for me is putting it mildly!

Click on the slideshow below to see these images.

This one of Martin Sheen was taken at   the gala dinner the evening before at the Radison Hotel.we day sm 13-201

An amazing speaker for a 10 year old but also a smile that lit up rooms!



we day sm13-1039


we day sm13-1038

we day sm13-1037 we day sm13-1036 we day sm13-1035 we day sm13-1034 we day sm13-1033 we day sm13-1032

Craig’s willingness to engage with kids and adults was alway apparent.


we day sm13-1031 we day sm13-1030 we day sm13-1029

we day sm13-1028


Is this the singer from Neverest giving the personal assistant to Craig a massage? Her job is no easy task. She has to get Craig to where he is going on time.

we day sm13-1027


we day sm13-1026

These were taken at the press conference where Martin Sheen’s sense of humor was enjoyed by all!

we day sm13-1025


we day sm13-1024 we day sm13-1023 we day sm13-1022


we day sm13-1021 we day sm13-1020 we day sm13-1019 we day sm13-1018

The arrival of former president of Mexico and his very lovely wife.

we day sm13-1017

More of the show.

we day sm13-1016

we day sm13-1015


Love the visuals in this display! WOW!

we day sm13-1014 we day sm13-1013 we day sm13-1012 we day sm13-1011 we day sm13-1010 we day sm13-1009 we day sm13-1008 we day sm13-1007 we day sm13-1006 we day sm13-1005 we day sm13-1004 we day sm13-1003 we day sm13-1002 we day sm13-1001

WE DAY 2013!

WE DAY 2013!

we day sm 13-223 we day sm 13-222 we day sm 13-221 we day sm 13-220 we day sm 13-219 we day sm 13-218 we day sm 13-217 we day sm 13-216 we day sm 13-215 we day sm 13-214 we day sm 13-213 we day sm 13-212 we day sm 13-211 we day sm 13-210 we day sm 13-209 we day sm 13-208 we day sm 13-207 we day sm 13-206 we day sm 13-205

And that of course, is me onstage! With no audience of course!


we day sm 13-204

My apologies on these being in the wrong order. It’s late at night and I am tired and was having trouble figuring out why the order is mixed up.

These next images were taken at the dinner the night before. First is Martin Luther King Jr.

we day sm 13-203

we day sm 13-202