Avril and Jordan are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Avril and Jordan got married today in a beautiful ceremony at Sturgeon Creek United Church. After the ceremony we went to the Leo Mol Gardens to take pictures of the family and the wedding party. This is an extraordinarily good-looking bunch of people as you will agree once you see this preview.

Jordan and Avril; you both looked beautiful and it was my pleasure to have met and photographed your wedding.

Here’s a sneak peek from today:

Judy and Ken are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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It was very touching for me to see my good friend Judy marry her sweetheart Ken. Ken and Judy have had many obstacles to get over before they could marry, which just proves the power of their love for each other. I feel blessed to have this wonderful couple as friends and to have been able to photograph their special day.

Their wedding was held in a beautiful house on the river. We were able to get some pictures done outside, but the wind and the rain came up suddenly and made us head indoors.

Here’s a preview of their wedding day:

This is both of their families together.

This is my very favorite picture!

Judy and 2 of her granddaughters

One of my very favorite little people.

Erica and Andrea are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Erica and Andrea had a perfect day for their wedding yesterday; the temperature was around 16C and the sky was slightly overcast. The rain and the wind held off and allowed us to take pictures in the Exchange district. I had so much fun photographing this beautiful and fun couple and I wish them a long and happy life together. I know 2 things for sure: this couple love each other and there will be a lot of laughter in their loves together.

Here is a preview of some of the pictures of their day”

Lisa and Mike are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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It was a beautiful September weekend for the 2 weddings that my partner and I photographed this weekend. One was  a formal event at The St. Boniface Gold Course and the other was lake wedding at a cabin in Lac du Bonnet. Both were a ton of fun with many precious moments. Today I am featuring the Lac du Bonnet wedding.

Lisa and Mike had their wedding in their beautifully landscaped yard at their cabin/house in Lac du Bonnet. Lisa and Mike both play hockey, so we got some great shots of them with  hockey sticks. I love sunflowers and they were the featured flowers at this wedding, including one in Lisa’s hair. Lisa was a gorgeous bride and I loved her elegant gown.

It just so happened that the trees were being trimmed in the yard next door to the wedding, so we got some photos with the chain saws and the lumber jacks as well!

I’m glad we took the drive out to this lovely location to photograph Lisa and Mike’s day!

Here’s a preview:

lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-1 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-20

lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-2 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-3 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-4 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-5 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-6 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-7 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-8 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-9 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-10 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-11 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-12 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-13 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-14 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-15 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-16 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-17 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-18 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-19

Love Was in the Air at Fort Gibraltar! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Love was in the air yesterday at Christina and Ted’s Fort Gibraltar wedding. There was a chilly, frigid wind outside but it didn’t keep this couple from going outside for pictures.  It was an honour to photograph their wedding day.  Christina looked lovely in her champagne coloured dress and Ted looked quite dashing. Their big smiles told the whole story of how this couple feel about each other.

I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Here is a short preview of their day:

christina ted wedding 11 14 small-1 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-7 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-10 christina ted wedding 11 14-15sm


christina ted wedding 11 14 small-13-2

christina ted wedding 11 14 small-2 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-3 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-4 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-5-2 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-6 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-9 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-11-2 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-12 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-14 christina ted wedding 11 14 small-15 christina ted wedding 11 14-4sm christina ted wedding 11 14-6sm christina ted wedding 11 14-8sm christina ted wedding 11 14-13sm christina ted wedding 11 14-16sm christina ted wedding 11 14-22

Karah Matthew Wedding! (Winnpeg Wedding Photographers)

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The weather cooperated yesterday for Karah and Matthew’s wedding. They  had a lovely service first at Holy  Ghost Church,  followed by pictures taken at Bruce Park. The couple and their wedding party looked great. I loved the purple accessories. What a lovely day!

Here’s a preview of their wedding photos!


karah matthew 10 14sm-1 karah matthew 10 14sm-3 karah matthew 10 14sm-4 karah matthew 10 14sm-5 karah matthew 10 14sm-6 karah matthew 10 14sm-7 karah matthew 10 14sm-8

Annette and Kevin are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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It was another rainy, windy day yesterday but it was lovely inside The Conservatory at Assiniboine Park. From the look of the images, Kevin and Annette could have been anywhere in the world, but in fact were in the Tropical House in Winnipeg! Don’t they look great?

I enjoyed meeting this couple and their 2 cute kids yesterday.

Here’s a preview of their  wedding.



annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-1 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-2 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-3 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-4 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-5 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-6 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-7 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-8 annette kevin weddingsm 10 14-9

Tawny and Anthony are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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The weather did not cooperate for Tawny and Anthony’s plan to have an  outdoor wedding yesterday, but that did not spoil the beauty or the fun of  their day.. The plan had been use get married in the Leo Mol Garden but because of the rain their wedding was moved into the  sculpture gallery.

After the ceremony, we did pictures in the Conservatory and at the Manitoba Legislative Building (along with 6 other brides!!).

Tawny and Anthony and their wedding party looked lovely and their wedding party was a lot of fun! I loved the flowers and the red and pink accent colours. Flowers were by http://www.cedarhouseflorist.com.

I was happy to spend this joyous day with Tawny and Anthony and wish them much happiness in their married life.

Here is a short preview of their day:

tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-1 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-1a tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-1b tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-2b tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-3 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-3c tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-4 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-5 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-6 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-7 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-8 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-9 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-12 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-13 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-18 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-20 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-21 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-22 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-28 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-29 tawny anthony weddingsm 9 14-30