John and I are Married! (Winnipeg Weddings)

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John and I got married on the front lawn of our cabin at Victoria Beach.  The lake was in the background with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. It was a very hot and windy day which only made it more memorable!! We had lots of ice and refreshments available.

After months of planning and working to get the cabin finished, our wedding was fantastic. Everything was perfect and there were even some wonderful surprises.

Our caterers, Bonne Cuisine  were amazing. Not only was the food outstanding, their service was perfect. They waited on people, brought drinks, cleaned up drinks and plates and were cheery and accommodating about everything. I can’t say enough good things about them. Everyone raved about the meal.

Our cupcakes were from The Bake Oven, one of our haunts from my teaching days that we still sometimes visit on our regular Friday lunches. The cupcakes were delicious!

Our flowers were from Flowers are Us http://flowersruswinnipeg.caand they did an outstanding job.

We had the best photographers that a couple could ask for. Sylvia Jensen Photography  https://www.sylviajensenphotography.comand her second shooter Sandra Shibata were skillful, fun and great to work with. The images below speak to what a fantastic job they did.


There were a some moments that stand out in my mind and made the day even more perfect. This was one of them.

These are my Friday lunch friends. What a surprise to see them all arrive with red hats! Aren’t they a classy, beautiful bunch? They were an instant hit at the wedding! Thank you girls!

A second surprising moment was when I walked down the stairs for the ceremony with my brother and one of my grandsons came up the stairs and proceeded to hold my hand going down. A lovely moment indeed!

The ceremony was absolutely perfect. You can see the lake in the distance!

The toasts were funny, thoughtful  and had everyone in stitches. This is us toasting with Cameron, John’s son. Cameron had some great memories of John and my relationship that he shared.

My son, Andrew, blew me away with his toast. I honestly did not know that he could be so funny! A lot of truisms in his speech!

My niece is one of my favourite people and someone who could be my daughter. We have a lot in common and Shauna spoke to that, saying a lot of wonderful things and thoughtful things.

Another surprise was when my son, Andrew and his wife, Shannon sang a medley of songs for us. It was a wonderful gift for John and me and it was much appreciated!


After dinner we went back to the beach to take some pictures. We were there about 15 minutes when Zara, my dog, came down the stairs and onto the beach. She had come from the cabin to the beach all by herself. I have no idea how she knew where we were, but that’s my girl!

July 7, 2018 was the start of our new adventure. I know that life is sometimes difficult and challenging but having a wonderful man like John at my side is a blessing.I believe that our relationship was meant to me. We are perfect for one another; we laugh, we talk and we play. I feel very fortunate to have John to share my life with.


Lori & Jason are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Lori and Jason had their wedding ceremony last Saturday at Hawthorne Estates in Garson. It was an absolutely perfect day with a beautiful bride and groom and some lovely backdrops for photographs. It was a bit hot; well it was really, really hot and I want to thank Jason for his patience with taking pictures.

Thank you to my wonderful assistants, Sarah Cornwell and Sylvia Jensen  . We make an amazing team and would be happy to photograph your wedding or any other event. Just give me a call and we can set that up.

Here is a preview of this wonderful couple. We wish you years of happiness, good health and many blessings!



Erika and Doug as Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Love was in the air last Saturday when Erika and Doug got married. Their wedding was  at Leo Mol Gardens, the most beautiful wedding venue in Winnipeg (in my opinion). It was a pleasure for me and my team to get to know and photograph this wonderful couple. Erika had the most amazingly beautiful dress and she looked gorgeous. Both Erika and Doug looked so happy to have made this happen.

You could feel the love between these 2 beautiful people.

Here is a short preview of this wedding.

Lori and Jason Engagement Session! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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The weather is finally cooperating and I was able to do Lori and Jason’s engagement session at Lester Beach. It was a wonderful setting with the waves and the beach and Lori and Jason were fantastic to work with! I’m looking forward to their wedding on 18.08.18!

I love doing sessions in different locations and this one was perfect. Have a look:

Judy and Ken are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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It was very touching for me to see my good friend Judy marry her sweetheart Ken. Ken and Judy have had many obstacles to get over before they could marry, which just proves the power of their love for each other. I feel blessed to have this wonderful couple as friends and to have been able to photograph their special day.

Their wedding was held in a beautiful house on the river. We were able to get some pictures done outside, but the wind and the rain came up suddenly and made us head indoors.

Here’s a preview of their wedding day:

This is both of their families together.

This is my very favorite picture!

Judy and 2 of her granddaughters

One of my very favorite little people.

Erica and Andrea are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Erica and Andrea had a perfect day for their wedding yesterday; the temperature was around 16C and the sky was slightly overcast. The rain and the wind held off and allowed us to take pictures in the Exchange district. I had so much fun photographing this beautiful and fun couple and I wish them a long and happy life together. I know 2 things for sure: this couple love each other and there will be a lot of laughter in their loves together.

Here is a preview of some of the pictures of their day”