Maternity/Newborn Special (Winnipeg Maternity & Newborn Photography)

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Newborns are some of my favorite clients, so for the month of March, I am offering a 50% off special.  For $125 (the price of one session fee) you can purchase both the maternity and newborn sessions and for $350 (the price for all the digital images from a session on a DVD) you can purchase a DVD from both sessions. That’s a $950 value for $475. If you know someone who is expecting a baby and you refer them to me you also get a $59 credit towards your own session. It’s a win/win offer. But don’t delay. The offer is good for the month of March only. What about if you are due later in the year? If you want to get this special, you can pay half now and half later to get this amazing price.

Use Your Groupon! (Winnipeg Photography)

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The year of my Groupon is almost up. If you bought a Groupon for my services, you have less than a month to book at appointment. Don’t delay! I would rather you used your Groupon than let it expire. You have until Feb. 8 to make an appointment.

The Year of  the Groupon was very successful for me. I did it for a variety of reasons; one of which was to increase my client base and it did work. I sold about 120 Groupons. I loved meeting all of the new people who I met and all of the children and dogs as well! I’m trying to decide whether to do a Groupon again or to go with Dealfind or one of the other coupon services. What does everything think? Which is the best?

I know some people has criticized me for doing a discount coupon. I know one photographer in particular who gave me a rough time about it. The thing is; he turned around and did 2 a couple of weeks later!! I think before one judges someone else, you need to look at all the angles. I think it’s ridiculous to give away your digital images and I roll my eyes at photographers who offer a Groupon for $29, (which means they get $14.50). And for that $14.50, they offer to travel anywhere in the city and give the client 30 digital images. They are definitely losing money. But maybe, they are starting out and need to build a client base quickly. I still think it’s crazy but maybe it works for them. In fact, the next time I see a deal like that, I am going to buy one for somebody to use, just so I can see the finished work. A kind of “behind the scenes” expose. (exposay)

Anyways, what do you think? Groupon or Dealfind or Swarm Jam or ?????