Gorgeous Girls (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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These 2 girls were a breeze to photograph; so cooperative and gorgeous as well.

Here’s a preview:

Printing those Precious Memories (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I often advise clients to be sure to make prints of their images. The fact of the matter is, that nobody really knows what will happen to our digital images files in time. There are DVDs that are advertised as lasting for 100 years but of course, they have not been tested. How could they have been? Prints will eventually fade. But your digital images on your hard drive will be gone one day. That is a given. I have lost 2 external drives full of images. Everyone knows that you need to back up those digital images, but I wonder how many people actually do. Do you?

My niece recently wrote a blog post that I think speaks to this topic. She is going through the sale of her house and went through some of her albums. Here is her post.

I have been crazy busy around the house lately, so when our agent asked us if we had any summer pictures of our backyard, I jumped at the chance to sit for a bit and flip through some pictures.  To take the time to relax for even a moment and look through nearly 15 albums was well….precious.  I was overcome by nostalgia as I made my way though each album; seven years of memories, and an abundance of blessings. I laughed out loud a few times as I flipped those pages, and found myself tearing up remembering those precious baby and toddler days gone by.

Yes…I am a technology teacher so I certainly do enjoy playing with digital photos.  Animoto, Photostory 3, Smilebox, iPhoto are all some of my favourite digital tools to play and create with.  I have even made a couple of beautiful hardcopy scrapbooks using Shutterfly. However, when it comes to photos I am also very “old fashioned”.  I still print pictures and put them in albums and I can’t imagine ever stopping this practice.

My photo albums are my greatest treasures. Eudora Welty said, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”  Time passes and we forget how tiny they were, how adorable they looked in their favourite pajamas and all of those little details.  I imagine my husband and I one day marveling over the thousands of pictures we have of our dear little ones’ childhoods, once they are grown and moved on.

Pictures stop time for just an instant and capture those exact moments we just don’t want to ever forget.  So this old-fashioned girl is going to keep on printing and filling those albums with a lifetime of memories!

Will you have those albums or photo books to look through after your children are grown up? I make a photo book every year for my little guy, who is now 9 years old. I love looking at them. I wonder how many people are relying on digital images only. If you are, get some prints made or make a photo book. There is nothing like a book to look through. And if you want to have some really great images, that capture the character and beauty of your children, get a professional photographer.

Here is an example of the first 15 pages of a Baby’s First Year book.