Wedding Video (Winnipeg Wedding Photographer)

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Are you looking for a wedding photographer for this year?  My partner and I have some dates still available for 2010. And for January, I am offering a 10% discount on all weddings booked for 2010.

Don’t wait too long to book a photographer for your special day.

I can customize a wedding package to fit your individual needs but my basic packages can be found at this link:

Have a look at this wedding video. Give me a call or send me an email if you would like more information and to set up a meeting.


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And so it is 2010 (Winnipeg Photographer)

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And so it is a new year, a new beginning, a new decade.  I found this amazing quote today that exactly fits where I am in life. Here it is:

Anais Nin:

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

I love that. Isn’t it the truth? When I left teaching a few years ago it was a hard decision to make, but the stress of staying was greater than the stress of leaving a secure job with good pay.  Since teaching full time, I have grown and I would like to think blossomed as well. Photography feeds my spirit and my soul and gives me such satisfaction and pleasure.  And fun, I have never had so much fun while getting paid to do something. This last year has also been one of great change with the separation of myself and my husband. And the quote fits that as well. When something becomes too tight and painful, it is time to take a risk. And to me the stress of staying in the marriage was far greater than the stress involved in leaving.

So for 2010, I will try to always be mindful of doing what I can and need to do to blossom. For me this will include:

Going to a photo workshop in another city (not yet decided on)

Going on one major trip (also not sure about that one)

Growing my business

Keeping up with bookkeeping (Not my thing, will need to have a lot of chocolate and red wine rewards for that one)

And accepting that I will continue to gain and lose weight and not beat myself up about it.

I have also decided that I will stay young. Yeah, sounds funny, but age really has a lot to do with perception. My grandmother, who died at age 88, thought that she was old and dying for as long as I can remember. She was always saying things like, “If I’m still alive when you get married (she was), or “I probably won’t live to see your baby born”, (she did) etc, etc. So I plan to live and work and blossom for many years to come.

So those are my thoughts for 2010.  I hope that you all think about what you need to do in order to blossom. It really is never too late, as long as you are living and breathing, to do what will make you happy. So go for it!!


Frigid in Wpg (Winnipeg Photographer)

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I think we are paying for the beautiful November that we had. The weather here is cold enough to chill you to the core of your being. It is so cold that when given a choice of stopping at the mailbox to get the mail, or to keep driving and get into the house asap, the choice is warmth. It is so cold that I have not walked for a week. It is so cold that the kids at school have been in for recess for a week. “If you don’t live on the Prairies you don’t know cold.” David Bouchard, Truer words were never spoken.  I remember once when in Palm Springs at a swimming pool, a mother told her young kids that it was too cold to go into the pool. The temperature that day was in the low 80s.  She did not know cold. And for what it’s worth, I think if you went to your grave and did not know cold, you would not be missing a thing. It would be like never having the flu. Lucky you if you don’t know cold.

So with this deep freeze that we are in, you would think all of those pesky germs that make us sick, would be dead. How can they live in this? Yeah, I know they thrive inside with indoor heating and all of those kids’  bodies in a school doesn’t help. All of those bodies that are inside a building for 61/2 hours. But it would be a benefit if the cold killed the viruses. Not so. I have a virus. I have a cold. So here I am, miserable because it is so cold out and I cannot walk, plus I have a cold. I don’t have the flu though. I can’t have the flu because I have had 2 flu shots. I am protected in case you are worried. And I may wear a mask for my shoots at the end of this week. Maybe even to school for the rest of the week. Wouldn’t that be funny? I went to a doctor a few weeks ago, and she was wearing a mask because she had a cold.  Will we become so germophobic that we will all wear masks?

So what does this have to do with photography? Not a thing. Just feel like venting.

Last weekend I did pictures for a lovely family of 2 girls and one boy. The 21 month old boy did not want any part of getting his picture taken and I have to admit, I could not get him to crack a smile. By the end of the session, he was playing with the stuff in my Treasure Chest, but when I tried to take his picture while he was there, he froze. It isn’t often that I can’t get one smile out of a child, but I met my match with him.

I also took part in a free photo session for families at a school in the north end. It was wonderful to see so many photographers come out on such a cold day to volunteer their services. It was a very worthwhile venture and I want to thank the organizers of the event. I even was on the news that night!!

Here are just a few of the pics from my last shoot:

Two Brown Eyed Girls (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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The second family that I photographed on Sunday, has two cute little girls, one 19 months and the other just 3 weeks old. The challenge with this shoot was to a) get the baby to sleep and b) get big sister to smile. The baby only slept for a few minutes and big sister only smiled for a bit, so they won!! But I did get some great pictures and Big Sister did smile for one of them. My favorite pictures  are often ones where the children are not smiling and that was the case with this shoot as well. I love the expression Big Sister gave me in the picture that I am showing.

I also had the busy Tuesday, shooting the Remembrance Day Assembly as well as the opening of The Wall of Remembrance at ML School. Then in the evening, I photographed the Golden Dragon awards. It is definitely the biggest group of people that I have ever photographed, numbering around 700. The Golden Dragon Awards are given to individuals who demonstrate outstanding citizenship and this year the awards were given to Dr. Tse Li Luk, his wife Eva Luk and the honourable Lloyd Axworthy. I have never seen as many politicians in one day as I did yesterday!! It was a lot of fun.

And now for the two sisters:

kristen 11 09-66sm

kristen 11 09-27sm

kristen 11 09-28sm

kristen 11 09-29bwsm

I get to see these two cuties again a 3 months, when I do the four month pictures for the baby. I’m looking forward to it.


Just me and My Little Sister (Winnipeg Baby Photographer)

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I did two shoots with two kids each yesterday and they kept me hopping. These pictures are from the first one. The baby, who I first saw at 2 weeks, is now 3 months old, and her big brother is now 19 months old. I’ve been taking his picture since he was born, but he wasn’t so sure about getting his picture taken yesterday. And he is showing all the signs of being into sports like his dad, who played a hockey goalie for most of his life.  I can only imagine the thrill it is for dads like my son and this dad to take their own sons to hockey games and watch them play.

Here are some of my favorites from this shoot.

dylan 11 -0-1a

dylan 11 -0-27dm\dylan 11 -0-4a

dylan 11 -0-3

dylan 11 -0-5sm

More Fall Fun (Winnipeg Family Photographer)

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Today I had the pleasure of photographing a family of cousins aged 8,  5 and 9 months old. The rain held off and I had  fun with them  in the fall leaves. The older two really enjoyed throwing leaves on their 9 month old cousin and the little guy had fun watching all of the leaves coming down. I often say that I have the best job in the world and I certainly felt that way with this great family.

The leaves have changed colours right now and are quickly falling to the ground. There is still time for fall pictures but it can’t be long before the snow (I hate to say it) falls, so don’t delay booking a session if you are interested.

Here are some of the pictures that I took today:


forks family-3sm

forks family-1sm

forks family-4bwsm

forks family-5bwsm

forks family-sm.2

Two Cutie Pies (Winnipeg Child Photographer)

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The weather did not cooperate yesterday and the first of my two shoots was outside at Harbourview Park. We took a few pictures outside and then went into the clubhouse. Fortunately,  there were windows on 4 sides and we were able to get some great pictures inside. These two cuties pies are my niece’s kids and they were a lot of fun to work with, especially S, who surprised me by knowing all kinds of modeliing moves.

cornwell 10 09-14abwsm

cornwell 10 09-13sm

sarah 1sm

I love this one of S jumping! So much expression and great form!!

cornwell 10 09-12sm

And now I am six (Winnipeg Child Photographer)

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Lucky kids at this birthday party. They got to go to the new Humane Society Building which is totally impressive. I had never been there before and was very impressed. I loved all the window light and the high ceilings, but most of all I loved the cats and dogs that were there. It was hard to not bring a pet home with me.  A great improvement from the old building!

S turned 6 and the kids all had a blast. Our guides were amazing with the animals and with the children. A great place for a birthday party!

Here’s a video of the event.

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Competition Judges, Annie the dog and other stuff (Winnipeg Photographer)

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Well I am back from Calgary to find that Winnipeg is actually warmer than Calgary! And has less snow. Wow! How cool is that? Makes me happy to be home even though I’ll miss the cutest she dog in the world. (More on that later)

I’ve mentioned the Manitoba Camera Club before ( . I’m on the Competition Committee and this month I am in charge of getting the judges for our photography competition. I was kind of worried that I had left it so long and got right to it when I was in Canmore. And I got two very WOW judges!! My niece put me on to this super cool painter whose blog I’ve been reading lately and she agree to be a judge. Her name is Kal Barteski and her blog is:  So that was the first one. Then the second judge I got is Dustin Leader (, who I remember assisting Craig in classes at Prairie View School of Photography.  I can’t wait for the chance to chat with these two and find out more about Kal’s kids and her art show coming up.

Now the dog.  Annie is my son’s family’s newest pet and she is adorable as you will see in the pictures. Not only is she as cute as can be, she is a super sweet and cuddly, and let’s  everyone treat her like she’s a human baby.

Check her out on the swing. This amazing dog stayed in the swing and let us take her picture!

calgary 10 09-323smjpg

Isn’t the green toque adorable on her?

calgary 10 09-305sm

A few cuddles and licks for my favorite grandson.

calgary 10 09-266sm

Annie even likes the cats. Here she is with Juker, who is sharing his couch with Annie.

calgary 10 09-296sm

Finally, I added a Facebook page for my photography;  have a look:

Chris McWilliams Photography on Facebook

Enjoy the day!