A boy and 2 dogs (Winnipeg Child and Family Photographer)

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I had fun running around St. Johns Park yesterday with a mom, 2 dogs and a 2 year old boy. It was fun but also a challenge to get all them all in the same picture. Dogs and 2 year old do not like to sit still. Luckily I had some plans before I went.

Plan #1 was to have the dogs sitting with the  child and mom. That didn’t work very well because dogs and child would not stay still for long.

Plan #2 was to have the dogs and the little guy walk towards me on a signal with no leashes on the dogs. That  didn’t end up working very well because the dogs wanted to run towards me and got to me in 2 seconds.

Plan #3 was to have child and dogs come towards me but to put the dogs on their leashes. I ended up with some great shots and had fun doing the shoot!