Absolutely Perfect Newborn (Winnipeg Newborn Photography)

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Three newborn baby girls in a row and the fourth is coming on Monday. It doesn’t get any better than that!  And 12 day old S was  absolutely perfect. I loved all her tiny little features and her perfect little rosebud mouth. She gave us an hour to pose  her while she slept soundly. And that was it. But that hour was amazing. Have a look!

Beautiful Baby Girl (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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Today’s baby session was a breeze because of this little beauty. She slept like a charm and hardly cried at all. She let me photograph  her in quite a few different poses while asleep and then I got some of her awake and showing her big blue eyes!

What a sweetie! Have a look.

Precious Newborn (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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What a delight to meet 14 day old L today! He decided he didn’t want to miss this Christmas and came a few weeks early and so he  is a sleepy little boy. Daddy had a wonderful way of calming him down every time I wanted him moved into a new pose. Thank you K and J for bringing your precious baby to get his first pictures taken.


Beautiful Baby Boy (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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Today I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby boy. At 10 days old, this little guy did not want to go to sleep for almost 2 hours. I got a lot of pictures with his eyes wide open and looking as cute as a button.  It will take a while to do all the laundry after this little guy. Here is a preview of the shoot:

Photo Albums Boost Happiness (Winnipeg Photographers)

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A recent editorial by Robert Alison in the Winnipeg Free Press talks about the things that have been found to boost happiness. We have all read articles such as this,but this article points to one that I have never read about; looking through a photo album. Here are some of the happiness boosters that Alison talks about and how much they have been found to boost happiness:

wine 14%

chocolate 8%

smiling 58%

thinking about a recent positive event 66%

Looking through a photo album 63%

I have no idea how a researcher would quantify these items or set up this kind of research, but it is interesting that even smiling will make us feel happier! It is also reassuring to me that wine and chocolate boost happiness. But the surprise is that someone included looking through a photo album in the study.

The research was done by Peter Naish at Open University.  Alison quotes him as finding that:

“Looking through photo albums elevates all measures — sense of relaxation, calmness, alertness and sense of being valued,” he says.

I often tell people to be sure to make prints of their digital images. Hard drives crash, and nobody really knows how long a DVD will last. So safety is one reason to make prints. Now we see that looking at them in years to come will boost our happiness.

I see 2 issues here.  Are you preserving those precious memories from when your children are little by having pictures taken and are you getting prints made.

My First Year Club includes a free 8.5 x 11 photo book at the end of the first year.There will never be a year in your child’s life in which your child changes so much. Imagine the high you will get 30 years later when your child is grown up and you look through this book.

I offer digital images from all of my sessions. Please be sure to get prints made from this DVD. Prints last and are so easy and fun to share, besides being wonderful to look back on.

So keep smiling and get those pictures taken of your child. You will never regret that kind of investment!

An Easter Surprise (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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This sweet little one was born right on Easter Day. And what an adorable baby. She slept and let me take some beautiful sleeping baby pictures. She let us pose her quite a bit before she woke up. Every time she woke up though, it didn’t take long to get her to sleep again. I can’t wait to work on the rest of this session. Here is a preview of a few favorites:

I had fun cropping this one a few different ways. The following 3 are all from the same image. I love how she is facing the camera and how her bedroom window is behind her. The Easter Bunny has special significance for this girl.

I am looking forward to seeing this sweetie again.

Another Wee One (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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I think I have the best job in the world. I get to play with little kids and see the most adorable newborns. Today I have been feeling very blessed to be able to do this job and I want to thank all of those people who have brought their children to play with me.  I believe that I am following my bliss and this job is the one that I was meant to do after a long career as an early years teacher. And it truly does not feel like a job on most days.

The newborn little girl that I took pictures was today was amazing. She did pee more than any newborn I have ever photographed but she also slept and opened her big brown eyes for me to take pictures of her. Her dad has a magic touch with her and makes magic swooshing sounds that she loves and that put her to sleep.  He could surely make some money by recording his swooshing sound.

Here are a few of my favorites from today.

Happy Easter everyone.

Favorite Pictures (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I try to do blog entries as a preview for the rest of the pictures from the shoot. The problem with doing that I find is that I miss some of my favorites from after I’ve edited the pictures. So today I want to add to the favorites that I already posted from these shoots; favorites that I missed at the time.

I absolutely love this first one of 8 month old S.  This girl could be in an ad for a product that helps with that fed up feeling!!

My second one is also of S. I love this profile picture of her. It’s the absolute look of wonder that is so beautiful.

This newborn was only 2 weeks old when I took his picture. I love the look of this image with the baby on the chair.

And look at the shape that his tiny feet make in this image. I love  and I never noticed it at first.

That’s it for tonight, but I will post more favorites tomorrow from the last few shoots.

Soon to be Parents (Winnipeg Maternity Photographer)

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I had the pleasure to meeting J and C, who are having a baby in the next few weeks.  Thank you for your patience while I played with the lights. It was fun to work with both of you. I am looking forward to taking pictures of your baby.

Here is a preview of your pictures.

Just Me and My Brother (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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This morning I had the pleasure of photographing another newborn and his 2.5 year old brother.  I had photographed this family before and really enjoyed working with them once again. Here is a preview of a few of your pictures:

This beautiful little guy slept for me but since he has a cold he kept waking himself up!

Big  brother gives him a kiss.