Nature’s Magical Icicle Show (Winnipeg Nature Photography

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I hate this weather as much as anyone but did you know there is a magical icicle show in the snow banks right on your street?

I found all of these on Headmaster near Gateway yesterday. If you haven’t noticed them, take a look. They remind me of the cenotes in Mexico. Of course these are much smaller but there is something magical about them.

Having said that, I hope they don’t last long.  I am also posting the weather for this day for anyone who doesn’t live here and doesn’t realize how cold it is. It’s March 17th and is still as cold as the dead of winter!

If you haven’t noticed the icicles, get out and take a look. Take your camera along with you too!


icicles 3 13-104sm

icicles 3 13-105 8x10sm


icicles 3 13-102sm

icicles 3 13-101sm




Snakes, Planes and Trains(Winnipeg Photographers)

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Isn’t this weather amazing? I was out shooting a couple of times on the weekend.

A group of us went out to the Narcisse snake pits.   I’m not a big fan of snakes but it was fun to see all the kids (and adults) holding snakes and enjoying themselves. Here are a few pictures that I took.

We met these 2 kids who were having fun with a garter snake. The girl was the brave one holding a snake with no fear. Her brother was happy to watch her!

I also went out with a friend to take some pictures around the city. I’m wondering what people think of when they think of Winnipeg. I mean besides the cold and the mosquitoes. lol Let me know what images come to mind when you think of Winnipeg. My friend and I decided on the theme of trains and planes and came up with these. (We left out cars as that makes me think of Detroit.)