A Real Beauty! (Winnipeg Senior Photographers)

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I had a great time with this beautiful young woman last night on Waterfront Drive. The area is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to take pictures. I love the facade on one of the  old buildings and the underside of the train bridge is really neat. Too bad the blue and brown wall is bricked over though. I loved using the wall!

Here’s a preview of last night’s session:

sarah 7 15-1sm sarah 7 15-2tsm sarah 7 15-4sm

Model Portraits (Winnipeg Model Photographers)

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I love to photography children but children can be difficult.  Children don’t  always want to get their picture taken and that can be quite challenging.  It’s always a treat to be work with someone who actually wants to get their picture taken, knows how to pose and is beautiful as well.  M, the model in these pictures was a natural with poise and beauty and style. I really enjoyed working with her. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot;  (Please note that these file sizes are extra, extra small and do not reflect the quality of the originals.)