And the winners were…………….(Winnipeg photographers)

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A while ago I shared a link with the images that I entered into the Manitoba Camera Club end of the year competition. Thank you all for your comments and for picking the ones that were your favorites. Now I can show you which were the actual winners.

First place in Senior Projected is an enhanced picture of the granddaughter of a very good friend of mine. This sweet little one has such beautiful big eyes that I feel so lucky to be able to photograph her as she grows up.

My image of the church in Morley, Alberta won a second in the monochrome print category.

In third place was my image of the clouds over the Granite Hills Golf  Course.

And I also got an honourable mention for this image of an archway in Steyr, Austria.

And finally this image of the abby at St. Florian won an honourable mention.

So that was it.  If you have any comments, I would be happy to hear them.

Entries for April Competition (Winnipeg Photographers)g

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April is a big month at the Manitoba Camera Club as far a competitions go. It’s the end of the year and entries can be submitted in a number of categories including: the Open, Animals, Architecture, Contemporary and Life. I put all of my entries from this competition in a gallery and added a few that I entered in some other months. You can see my entries at this link:

The judges picked one of the entries as a first. They also picked a second, third and honourable mention from the images. Pick your winners and see if they match what the judges picked. I’ll let you know how you did on Wed. of next week.

May 1st marks the 6 month mark of not buying any clothes. That means I’m half way there. It is getting easier. I look in my closet for what to wear this spring and see a lot of clothes. No need to buy more, but then it rarely is a need when we go shopping.  I just have to think of all the money I have saved for travelling!!

January Photo Contest Entries (Winnipeg Photographers)


I wanted to share my entries for the January Open Competition at the Manitoba Camera Club. Open means that you can submit images pertaining to any subject.

I am going to show you the images that I entered. The judging was last night and I am on the Judging Committee, so I know how I did. I am wondering what you like the best of these 6 images. On Tues. night  the winners will be  announced and I will let you know how these images did.

Have a look.  Let me know which ones are your favorite. I am looking forward to hearing from folks.

Bridge in Canmore, Ab

Church in Morley, AB



Steyr, Austria

Sunset at Delta Marsh, Mb

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Church in Morley, Alberta (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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Yes there is a church in Morley, Alberta. When I hear of the name Morley,  I always think of the guy on CBC radio, who tells stories and one of the people in his stories is named Morley. I love his voice but I can’t think of his name. What is his name? Anyone out there know?

Anyways, here I am in Calgary looking after my grandson, who turned 8 years old last Sunday at exactly 10:04 a.m.  And that’s the exact time  we started to celebrate. It was a crazy and very fun day.  My son and his wife are in Las Vegas so I get to do what I like all day while my grandson is in school. Since I love to take pictures, I’ve been taking field trips every day to photograph things around Calgary. My most successful day has been the first one when I went to take pictures of the church. This church would make anyone’s pictures look great. The church is neat but it’s the log fence in front of it that gives the pictures  that extra punch. Have a look.

And one postcard type picture taken at Bragg Creek today.

New Landscape Photography Site (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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I’ve been in the process of redoing my landscape site.  Have a look and let me know what you think.

I still am working on it and want to make further changes but am ready to share it now.  I love to shoot landscapes as well and enter the competitions at Manitoba Camera Club (  That site is also under construction but you can get an idea of what we are about by having a look.

I still need to add a contact page and some other things on the new site but have a look. I will be working on it between shooting, editing and sleeping, so it may take a while to complete. lol.

Here is just one of the images that you will find on my landscape site. I took this when I went with my family to Granite Hills Golf Course. My 2 sons and my husband golfed and I took pictures. It was so much fun and I got this great shot!

bw finalsm

Pictures of Austria (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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I have my images of Austria ready and online for anyone to view. You can see them at this link:

Included in the gallery are images of Vienna, Steyr, the abby at St. Florian and a few of Salzburg. It was hot while I was in Europe.  Every day was between 35 and 38 degrees. Now I love heat and I love summer but the day we were in Salzburg the heat got to me and I never took as many pictures as I would have liked to. It was the kind of heat that left you sucked right out and made you want to drop and never get up again. I don’t say that easily but the day we were in Salzburg was no day for walking around. Or at least it wasn’t for us. So I have only a few pictures from there. Most of my pictures are from Steyr because I spent the most time there and also because it’s just such a picturesque spot. Have a look. Let me know if you have favorites. I always love to get feedback.


Images of Paris (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I finally had some time to develop my pictures of Paris. Included in this gallery are: the Louvre, Bastille Day with images of the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and one of the highlights of my holiday: Giverny, which is the former home of painter Claude Monet.

You can see all of this images  at this link:

I am currently working on my pictures of Austria, which I will post when done.

I am also looking forward to photographing 3 little girls in the studio on Saturday.

Till next time,


Bastille Day in Paris (Winnipeg Photographer)

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One of the highlights of my trip to Europe was Bastille Day in Paris. The fireworks were amazing but it was more the experience of the whole day. Military vehicles drove down the streets during the day and French flags were everywhere. It seemed like a great idea to see the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower and get some shots of this famous landmark all ablaze. I don’t know if my cousin and her family have forgiven me yet for suggesting this outing. I hope that in hindsite they can see the value of having been in a crowd of over a million people and having no way of getting back to our hotel except by using our own two feet.

We got to the Eiffel Tower site in plenty of time, which was maybe our first mistake because it only meant that we had to wait longer and breathe the smoke filled air for longer. There was no breeze at all, the temperature was over 30 C (as it was for most of our trip), and there were wall to wall people. And half of them were smoking. Smoking all around us. The French smoke a lot!! While people were waiting, they played cards, had picnics, drank, baby’s cried, children screamed and ran around and not only that. We were entertained a French singer who drove the crowd wild with excitement.  Unfortunately for us, he seemed to be able to croon out the songs with no break at all. Endless love songs in French. The speakers were enormous so he was loud. And there was  a big jumbo screen to watch him gyrate his hips if you were interested.  And people took pictures with all their point and shoots. I found it interesting to take pictures of the people taking pictures and capturing what it was they saw on their camera screen. The fireworks were amazing. There is no doubt about that as you will see in the video.

We left halfway through the fireworks because we were concerned about how all of these people would get home. We didn’t need to have bothered. There was only one way to get home and that was walking. People were crowded into subway stations like sardines. And I would rather walk for 2 hours than be pushed and shoved around in a crowd. So we walked. And we walked. We walked for 2 hours often not knowing if we were going the right way. There was no chance to getting a cab either. The streets were full of people walking in masse. Every once in a while a car would come through the crowd with the driver blasting his horn and not caring if he hit someone. It was every man for himself.

We got back to our hotel at 1 a.m. In the end, it was a memorable experience and I did get some great shots of the fireworks. But I would not do it again. Not unless I was assured of nobody smoking around me and safe passage out of the crowd. And really what are the chances of that happening?

Watch the video and enjoy!

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