Beautiful Little One! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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Today’s blog post features the beautiful Miss E and also a chair from the 1920’s. Miss E is almost 2 and the chair is about 100 years old. The chair lived at the cabin at Victoria Beach for its whole life but was left out for the winter and it suffered some damage. I managed to give the chair new life by having the legs cut off, painting it and gluing it together. I think it will be very useful in the studio.

Miss E was the first child to use the chair and she made it look amazing. She was a bit shy at first but gave us the most adorable expressions after she warmed up.

Have a look at beautiful Miss E.

The Last of Fall Family Photos (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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I was at Kildonan Park and Bunn’s Creek Park for family sessions today. The trees are almost bare now,  but if you look at the backgrounds in these photos, it does still look like fall. I will continue to do sessions outside, weather permitting and there are other options for backdrops. The Exchange is one of my favorite areas for photography and it is also a great spot for family pictures. Keep that in mind, if you are planning a family photo. (And when was your last family photo anyway?)

I only have 2 out of 3 sessions ready for blogging today. The other one will be featured tomorrow.

My first family had 3 great kids and my third student from Mr. W’s class in the last month! Great to see kids from ML School!




My second family have a one year old girl and a 5 year old boy. The last time I photographed  this family, the baby was just 3 months old. Even then, her red hair was amazing. Look at it now! These 2 made us work for the pictures today but we did get some great images!

Here’s a preview of session #2: