Real Estate Agent Headshots (Winnipeg Photography Headshots)

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Do you need a real estate agent? I would recommend this lovely lady, who I did head shots for in the Exchange district. Nannette was a real trooper enduring some cool temperatures to get the look that she wanted. I had a great time getting to know Nannette and taking her pictures.

Nannette works Royal LaPage. Have a look at her website:




Author Carol Brisebois (Winnipeg Head Shots)

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Meeting new and interesting people is one of the things I love about being a photographer.  Sunday was no exception when I met Winnipeg author Carol Brisebois and took some photos of her for her new book.

I enjoyed spending time with Carol and cannot wait to read her book.

You can read more about Carol here:

Here are a couple of my favorites images:

carol 9 14-15sm carol 9 14-45sm



Headshots! (Winnipeg Portrait Photographers)

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I spend the bulk of my time photographing  families, children and babies but it’s always fun to do a different kind of session like head shots for an adult.   This kind of session is wonderful because I get to meet and speak to some really interesting people.

That was the case today, when I did head shots for B,  who has written a couple of books and needed to refresh her photos. It was a lot of fun to spend time with this author, motivational speaker and social worker.

Here is a preview of our session:

debbie 5 14-1sm debbie 5 14-2sm debbie 5 14-3sm


Let me know if you need to freshen up your head shots. I’ll be glad to help you out.

Today…….. (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I met some great people today, including a real estate agent that came for a business photo and a family from my own neighbourhood. I love meeting new people and finding connections. Winnipeg is such a small place that there is usually at least one mutual acquaintance.

Today has also been about eating chocolate covered almonds that a friend bought me. At this point, I think I just may as well finish them and start the diet tomorrow! Plus I know that almonds and chocolate are actually good for you, so what the heck!

Here is a preview of today’s pictures: