Family Fun! (Winnipeg family Photographers)

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We made some beautiful photographs yesterday with this family of three. I love how they coordinated their clothing and how much fun they were.

Here’s a preview of this fun family!

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Family of Four! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I had the pleasure of photographing this photogenic family last Sunday at The Forks. We made so many great family photos that I don’t know how they will pick a favorite!

I enjoyed working with these 2 cooperative and fun kids!

Here are 3 of the family photos.

krista 11 14-1sm krista 11 14-2tsm krista 11 14-3sm

No Shortage of Laughs (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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I had a blast with this family in the studio today. I always try to get real smiles and laughs out of my subjects and avoid cheesy grins at all costs.  But I didn’t need worry with these 2 kids. They knew how to ham it up and my secret weapon worked like a charm (although there were some puzzled looks!)

Today was a great day for photography. I have the Grey Cup game on the laptop as I need to finish the We Day images for tomorrow and have a ton of work left to do them!

Extraordinary Children (Winnipeg Children’s Photography)

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I’ve photographed a lot of children and taught even more.  I know extraordinary children. Today I met 2 that I will add to my mental list. Of extraordinary children. These 2 guys at 2 and 5 years old are probably the best listeners I have ever photographed. The little guy was shy at first but I got him and his brother to blow some bubbles and the bubbles created their own magic. He became full of smiles and started to have fun.

Here’s a sneak peek from today:



Bunn’s Creek Park today (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Bunn’s Creek Park is where I’ve walked for over 30 years. I get lost in my thoughts in the park with its lovely trails, huge trees and meandering creek. I hadn’t done a session there this past summer, so it was lovely to be asked to do 2 sessions there today.

My first session was a family with a 9 month cutie and his mom and dad. I love the image of him with his arms up. He was showing me how big he was!

Session 2 was with a family of 4; including 2 beautiful sisters.  This image with mother and daughters is one of my favorites.

Kilcona on a Windy Day! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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Yesterday was windy and cool but nothing like Friday evening. Both of my sessions were at Kilcona and both were a lot of fun.

My first session was a family with a very delightful 4-year old girl. D smiled easily and was full of fun. She took every suggestion I made and went with it. Lucky Mom and Dad with this good-natured  little one.

The dad had done taken a face plant a week ago and his face had taken a beating. I did some photoshopping and was able to clean it up quite a bit. Ask me about touch ups in photos if you are interested.

Here is the before:

I have the “after” in colour as well but the black and white hides the scarring even more.

What a beautiful smile on this gorgeous girl! 

My second session was with a family of four. These 2 boys were the opposite of the little one in the above photos.  Camera shyness often comes with age and ten-year old boys generally are not anxious to have their photos taken. I got some fun and pleasing expressions none the less. I enjoyed this family very much and loved that they brought their little dog for the session. I’ve had a lot of dogs in sessions lately and I welcome  them. A dog is usually a part of your family and should be in a family picture if possible.

Here’s a preview of session 2:

A cheer for the Jets. Both boys play hockey!



Two Years Old and Very Cute! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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What a beautiful fall day it is today!  It’s a great day for family photos and everywhere I go I see photographers out with families.

My first session today was at Kildonan Park. The witch’s hut and the area around it are wonderful spots for family portraits. There’s a creek, lots of colourful trees, plus a red bridge; all perfect for family photos.

This family of 4 includes one very active 2-year-old.  It’s always a challenge to get 2 year olds to be still for pictures, but jumping and having dad make faces at him, got his attention and voila! Great images!

I love this image!

Family of Four plus Maggie (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I met this family at Kilcona today along with their dog, Maggie. Maggie is as black as my dog is white (when he’s bathed). This shoot was a breeze to do, the temperature was perfect and we even had some puffy clouds in the sky. All good!!

Here’s a preview:

Love your smile N!

Cousins (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Although I love it when my clients want to get their photos taken, I also love a challenge and I had a few of those last night. I can understand why someone would not want to get their picture taken and when forced to do so, well…. they just are not happy campers! I can understand why too. Often photo sessions consist of sitting in front of a camera and smiling your best cheesy grin. Go to any department store and you can get that cheesy grin immortalized forever. And never want to get your picture taken again!

So when I have clients who do not want to be there to be photographed, it’s takes a while to get them to warm up, but warm up they do! Almost always and last night was no exception. I believe that a photography session should be about capturing you as you are and about having fun while doing so. My current favorite silly song is…………..The Smurf Song… la lalalalalal la la la lala. Or something like that.

Here is a preview of our fun session at the Forks last night.

And I’m sure Grandma will be thrilled with this photo of her and her 4 grandchildren!