6 months old and cute as a button! (Winnipeg Child & Family Photographer)

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Yesterday, I photographed a 6 month old little guy who I last saw when he was born. This baby is so cute, he could be a baby model!  Not only is he gorgeous but he has such a sunny disposition, it makes my job very easy.  And although M is their first child, there actually are two children in the family. The other is a very rambuctious, but sweet tempered dog named Louie. I am a dog lover as well, so I completely understand how dogs are part of the family. I got some great shots of Louie and M because Mom or Dad were controlling Louie. but it was more difficult to get a family picture with the four of them. I think the next time we’ll need an extra hand to control the dog and get him to sit in a picture with the rest of the family. I love the pictures that follow;