Beautiful Brown-Eyed Boy! (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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This beautiful baby boy, at 13 days new, came to see me for his first photography session yesterday. He was a perfect little poser, who actually preferred being on his stomach (lots of babies like being on their back better).

His 11 year old brother was a joy to photograph as well.

Here is a preview of this baby boy!


Look at those eyes and that curly hair!

Winnipeg Newborn Photography

Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous!

Winnipeg Newborn Photography

Big brother was happy to pose with his baby brother.

Winnipeg Family Photographers

Just Me and My Granddaughters! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the family featured below. This family came from Toronto to spend Christmas with the kids’ grandma. I’m not giving away the age of this beautiful lady but you would be surprised! I hope that I look this good at her age.

Here is a preview of the session:

gil 12 14-1tsm gil 12 14-2bwsm gil 12 14-5sm

Mother’s Day Gift Idea (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Groupon Deal Alert!

I will be featured on Groupon on Sunday, April 21st and also featured with the Mother’s Day gift ideas. Tell your family and friends! The deal is the same as the last one, which I shared in my last newsletter.



Mother’s Day

I will be available for sessions on Mother’s Day. Why not take the special mother in your life out for lunch and then come over for a surprise photo session? Email me at if you are interested. I am reducing the session free to $55.00 for this one day only. Don’t miss a great opportunity to get some photos of your family!


mother's day sessions 4 12


Presenting the Kids of 2012! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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My last blog post was about the newborns of 2012. These are the kids of 2012.

It was time consuming to gather up all these images but also very rewarding.  I love looking at all the beautiful faces of the children that I’ve met in this past year.

It feels monumental to me to have captured these moments and to see them all on one page!

Here are some quotes that ring true for me regarding my photography.

“Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.” – Joshua Atticks


Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
Dorothea Lange


“An image is better than one thousand words”



angela 11 12- (1sm)

avery 7 12- (1asm)

avery 7 12- (7sm)

calla 11 12- (11sm)

carla 10 12- (4sm)

carla 10 12- (32sm)

carlee 2 12- (23sm)

carolyn 11 12- (36sm)

cheryl 12 12- (5sm)

cornwell 9 12-5sm

cornwell 10 12-187sm

divya 5 12- (2sm)

donna 10 12- (2sm)

elise 8 12- (62sm)

ella 1 12-117sm

erin 10 12-jpg (3sm)

erin 10 12-jpg (13asm)

Groupon Adasm

jacob10 12- (15sm)

jacob10 12- (37sm)

jennifer 9 12- (3sm)

joanne 6 12- (6sm8)c

joanne 6 12- (16sm)

karina 9 12- (2sm)

karina 9 12- (3sm)

kathy 10 12 (2sm)

kathy 10 12 (43sm)

kilbrei 7 12- (1asm

leland 7 12- (1sm) leslie 9 12- (1asm)

liz 9 12- (2sm)

liz 9 12- (3sm)

marla 8 12- (9sm)

maureen 12 12 (1sm)

maya11 12-103asm

mazi 7 12- (4sm)

mazi 9 12- (6sm) mel 11 12- (6sm)

mel 11 12- (9sm)

nicole 9 12- (11sm)

rene 9 12- (61sm)

rene 9 12-1asm

stephanie 11 12- (27sm)

sunjay 7 12- (25sm)

susan 10 12- (3sm)

susan 12 12- (1sm)

sydney 10 12- (13asm)

tammy 11 12 (2sm)

tennille 12 12- (43)

valerie 11 12- (73)

whiteney 9 12- (26sm)

whiteney 9 12- (42sm)

Tips for Photographing Toddlers and Children (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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Funny what you notice.

I never noticed cars until I was looking for a car to buy. I never thought about breeds of dogs until I had a dog. The same goes for being a children’s photographer. I notice people taking children’s pictures and often cringe, and think “What are they thinking?” Obviously, I would rather be taking photos of these children myself, but the next best thing for me is to ensure that people at least are taking the best photos of their children possible. With that in mind, here are some tips:


Rather than instructing, positioning, and asking your child to smile – take a step back and just watch. Capture natural moments, rather than taking a staged “Say Cheese” photograph.
Keep your child occupied and happy by giving them an activity or toy that they love; use bubbles, a new toy or get them to run, jump or hop.  If your children are happy and active, great photos are sure to follow.
Sit on the ground, or lay down if you need to. Be sure to come in close and observe the little things in those moments too- their hands, feet, smile, etc. Play around with the perspective and you’ll find some amazing moments to capture that you would have otherwise missed standing up!
Try and avoid shooting towards backgrounds that are busy and distracting. But if the background is busy and can’t change it, then move your body. Sometimes just moving and changing your camera position or angle will help you to avoid a busy background. Look for natural frames as well.
Using light wisely will improve your photos more than anything else you could possibly do. Avoid flash indoors and try to use window light or available light if possible. Flash indoors will create harsh shadows and a “deer in the headlights’ type of look. When outdoors, look for the best light; probably in the shade. You might want to try turning on your flash outdoors. Not all situations call for it but it can be useful to fill in shadows.
Asking your child to say “cheese” is perhaps the best way to get a cheesy grin but is that what you want? Aim for a natural smile.  There are tons of ways to make children smile and laugh. Be goofy; make faces, animal noises, sing, squeal; the skies the limit!  I guarantee that you’ll love the results more than that cheesy, phony grin!
I found this on Facebook. It is not an original but I love this message.
One question I always ask students when teaching them photography is, “What is the most important thing that you need in order to take better photographs?”  The answer is always overwhelmingly; a good camera. The correct answer of course is knowledge. Someone who understands composition, lighting and a pile of other things, can take a better photo with an inexpensive point and shoot camera than someone who buys an expensive SLR but hasn’t got a clue about photography.
Think about that before you spend a huge amount of money on a camera. Learn some basics first.
Happy Shooting!

Fun Kids Pics! (Winnipeg Children’s Photography)

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Happy Canada Day everyone! And what  a beautiful day it is!

I photographed 3 wonderful children at The Forks yesterday. The little 3-year-old brother was not buying into getting his picture taken. In fact, he had quite a sour expression! That is, until we had some fun and then he was all smiles, which led to some amazing images. That just goes to show you, that although you probably will get some good pictures when you pose children and engage them in singing or conversation, you are guaranteed to get great pictures when you get them to do something, have fun and forget about being self-conscious!

I got them to “play drums” with sticks on some rocks, run and jump in these pictures. It was hard to pick a few for my blog, but here are some favorites:

First Steps (Winnipeg Child Photography)

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Today was my 4th session with this little sweetheart. It was wonderful to see her grow over this last year and I’m a little sad that the year is over. Her parents will receive a photo book of all four sessions from this past year; a wonderful memento of how their daughter has changed from birth to age one.

Ella started walking a couple of weeks ago! Have a look!

Smiles and Barks (Winnipeg Child and Pet Photography)

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I had fun with a sweet 11 month old and her 2 energetic  little doggies this morning. This little girl was so cute and good-natured that the session was a breeze. It was a bit harder to get the dogs to stay still and look at me, so I put them inside of a big box and had them looking up at me.

Here’s a preview: