School Portrait Special (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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I hope all of your kids got off to a great start this school year.

School Portraits

With the start of a new school year, comes the inevitable school pictures. Every September photographers come to schools everywhere and take pictures of the kids.  At most schools, there are 3 photographers taking pictures for about 4 hours. In those 4 hours, they take pictures of about 300 kids, plus about 15 group pictures.  There are usually at least 3 classes in the gym. It is very loud in there and the atmosphere is one of impatience,  excitement and Let’s Get This Over With. The average time spent per child portrait is less than a minute. The result is often an image of your child sporting a cheesy grin. I am not knocking the photographers who offer this valuable service to parents, but it does have its limitations. It ends up being quite expensive and the finished images, which are perfectly lit, and in focus, are not a true reflection of who your child is.

I am offering an alternative. For $65 I will do a 30 minute session with your child, including a digital image of the photo that you like best. I’ll  be spending considerably more time with your child than the school photographers and will be able to engage your child. The atmosphere will be fun and your child will be more relaxed. There are a number of advantages to this besides the extra time your child will get; you can use the digital images online, you can get them printed in the sizes that you would like and you can email them to family and friends. Besides the advantage of getting a digital image, you can also have up to 4 children photographed during the 30 minutes, as well as pictures of the 4 children together. If you have 4 children in school, and paid for individual pictures of them, you would be paying more than $65  and you would more than likely get some cheesy grin portraits.

I guarantee that this is a better alternative.

This offer is limited to children over the age of 2, and it is only available at Kildonan Park  or my studio on Sept. 29. 30 and on Oct. 7th. Let me know if those dates don’t work for you and I can try to schedule you at another time.