Beautiful Baby Girl (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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Today’s baby session was a breeze because of this little beauty. She slept like a charm and hardly cried at all. She let me photograph  her in quite a few different poses while asleep and then I got some of her awake and showing her big blue eyes!

What a sweetie! Have a look.

Dylan’s First Year (Winnipeg Children’s Photographer)

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It’s the end of Dylan’s First Year. It’s been wonderful to see Dylan grow from a tiny newborn into a fun and lively one year old.  Babies change so quickly in that first year of life. It’s like no other year of a person’s life. I just finished making up the book that Dylan’s parents will receive of her first year and I wanted to share it. Copy and paste the following link to see the first 15 pages of it.

Dylan’s parents bought the First Year Club plan for their newborn.  When you purchase The First Year Club, you receive 4 shoots in your baby’s first year for the price of $200. As well you receive an 8×10 book of that year.  There are a number of advantages to this plan, besides the savings in session fees.  The important thing, I think is that you will be sure to have a visual record of that first year. I will remind you of when it is time for your next shoot.  You won’t be putting it off and then wishing you had pictures later. It’s also a great gift idea for anyone that you know who is having a baby.

Let me know if you have any questions about The First Year Club. Have a look at Dylan’s book. I am also making a video of Dylan’s pictures. Watch for it in my next post.

Beautiful Baby Boy (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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Today I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby boy. At 10 days old, this little guy did not want to go to sleep for almost 2 hours. I got a lot of pictures with his eyes wide open and looking as cute as a button.  It will take a while to do all the laundry after this little guy. Here is a preview of the shoot:

Kevin and Margaret Wedding (Winnipeg Wedding Photographer)

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The weather gods have been smiling on my wedding photography days lately. For 3 weddings in a row,  there has been a break in an otherwise rainy week. Last Saturday was no exception. The day was beautiful. Margaret, the bride, who is also a sheriff in town, was stunning. The groom was dashing. The pictures of the wedding are turning out to be very beautiful. Here is a preview of their beautiful day.

An Easter Surprise (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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This sweet little one was born right on Easter Day. And what an adorable baby. She slept and let me take some beautiful sleeping baby pictures. She let us pose her quite a bit before she woke up. Every time she woke up though, it didn’t take long to get her to sleep again. I can’t wait to work on the rest of this session. Here is a preview of a few favorites:

I had fun cropping this one a few different ways. The following 3 are all from the same image. I love how she is facing the camera and how her bedroom window is behind her. The Easter Bunny has special significance for this girl.

I am looking forward to seeing this sweetie again.

I love these baby eyes! (Winnipeg Baby Photographer)

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Today I had the pleasure of photographing N, a one month old baby today, who not only is as cute as a button, but makes the most amazing eye contact for a little guy his age.  The one thing that N did not like was being naked.  We finally had to give up and put some clothes on him. The studio was extra hot because of the heater and the blow dryer, but N wanted his clothes!

And in the small world that is Winnipeg, N and his mom and dad only live a few blocks away.

Have a look at this adorable baby.

Free Photo DVD (Winnipeg Photographers)

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“Can you believe it” special offer.

For the first time ever,  for one week only, I am offering the 10 image DVD free with the session feel for all babies under one year of age. That’s right. You pay the $100 session fee, or the $75 session fee for newborns under 2 weeks old and you will receive a DVD of your favorite 10 images at no extra cost.  But you need to book the session in the next 7 days. The session does not need to be in the next 7 days, but you need to book it.  The session needs to be before the 1st of April. That’s it. Simple.

Call me at 962-3424 or email me at

Please note that this special cannot be combined with any other offers.

Here’s Anya to tell you about it:

Don’t delay. Book it today.


A Dream Baby (Winnipeg Newborn Photographers)

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My first newborn of 2010 could not have been more perfect. She slept, she hardly fussed and she is as cute as a button, with tiny features that are doll like and perfect. This little girl made my day and since her parents bought the First Year Club plan, I’ll be seeing this little one grow.