Winnipeg We Day (Winnipeg Event Photographers)


Yesterday was a day out of a fairy tale for me. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Magical, profound, inspiring, spine tingling, WOW, are words that I would use to describe my experience with We Day yesterday. Many factors created that WOW feeling. The people who organized this event were amazing. The whole day was so well-organized and run. (90% run by women!).  Everyone was so friendly and caring. Then there was the “talent”. Now, I’m not a person who buys celebrity magazines and watches ET and I didn’t even watch the last royal wedding. I don’t care about the private lives of people who I don’t know. But, it was a thrill to be in the same room and be able to photograph the likes of Paul Martin, Rick Hansen, Mia Farrow etc,  etc. It was a thrill to be able to wander around back stage and talk to the presenters and bands with no restrictions. The one thing that everyone there  had in common was a mission to make a difference in the world; to help children in particular. And to get children moving so that they help other children. Children have been a part of my life both as a teacher and as a photographer. I applaud these people for what they are doing. I think they have it right. I think that it is the next generation of young adolescents that will make the difference.  There is huge energy available in these young people who hasn’t been tapped before. As Mia said, they are the generation we’ve been waiting for.

It was an amazing day and I loved every second of it.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the day.

Sean Desmond was the most fun to photograph. He designed the black and green t-shirt that you may have noticed people, including myself wearing.

Someone’s drink spilled! Love this shot. I converted a lot of shots to black and white as the arena lights made for weird colours. Love the energy you can see in the image!

The man was a child soldier. He witnessed his mother being raped, his father being killed and had to shoot his own best friend. He survived and he wants people to know his story and to help the other children who still live that kind of life.

Hannah Taylor! I had heard her story before but had never met her. She saw a homeless person at the age of 5 and was so appalled by it that she did something about it. He Ladybug Foundation has raised 2 million dollars for the homeless. And she’s only 15 now.

The man on the left was in charge of getting people set up with microphones. Al Gore was the one he wanted a picture taken with.

Sigh,  me with Mia Farrow.