Stunning Sisters (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Two of the most stunning girls came to see me yesterday. Stunning and wonderful to photography. The 8 year old was a little camera shy, but her 4 year old sister was a natural in front of the camera. I am so glad that their parents brought them to my studio to get their pictures taken. Have a look.

I’m going to be visiting my son and his family in Calgary next week. I will still be answering emails and checking phone messages. There are only 2 days left for my special offer for any babies under one year of age. It will be ending this Sunday at midnight. Get a free DVD of 10 images from your shoot if you book in the next 2 days. That’s a $200 savings. Email me now so you don’t forget. This offer is only open for babies under the age of one.

I challenged myself to not spend money on clothes for one year and so far it’s been 4 months!! I’m one third of the way there. And it is getting easier. The hardest part is if I’m in Super Store and walk by the clothing with is marked down. I want to stop, I want to stop. So far so good; I’ve just kept walking. And as time goes on, it is getting easier. Why are you doing that you ask? Good question. Actually there are 2 reason. One is to save money, so that I have more money for travel. The other reason is because I want tochange my consumer thinking of buy, buy BUY!! I do not need anything to wear. I have a closet stuffed with clothes. I think the spring will be the hardest. I love summer dresses and skirts, but I have enough. More is not always better.  I can do this. Only 8 months to go!!

Enjoy your weekend. Have fun routing for Canada!