Clothing Choices (Winnipeg Photographer: Families, Children, Newborn)


This post from June remains my number one viewed post and I decided to repost it.

This is my 100th post. Hard to believe!! Time does fly by, but the good thing is that we finally have some nice weather.

I have had a lot of inquiries on getting fall family pictures taken. Please don’t delay in booking  a shoot as I will be away from Oct. 5th till the 12th. I’m going to visit my favorite little person, my grandson in Calgary. I will also be spending some time in Canmore where I am hoping to take pictures of the mountains and some fall scenes.

Here is the clothing choices post:

People often ask me what they should wear for a shoot, so today I am writing about clothing choice, as well as  including some examples of family pictures with  great clothing combinations.

The clothing that people are wearing is not the first thing that you should notice in a family picture. The relationship between the people in the picture and their expressions should be what your eyes focus on.  If everyone is wearing clothing that has stripes, patterns, or some kind of design it takes away from the most important part of the image, which is the faces of the people in the portrait. It is best if everyone wear the same colour or shades of the same colour. That way the focus is on the faces of the people, as well as making the family look like a cohesive whole. Most people make sure that what they wear on a particular day matches. Take that a step further and make sure that the people that will be in a portrait also match each other. It really does make a difference. Here are some examples:


This family is wearing brown on top and demin. I think it looks great and it also matches the fall leaves! I think the focus is on the interactions between the children and the mom and dad. I love the expression on the dog as well!


I like the white and demin that this family is wearing. The white really make them pop out against the fall leaves. And even though you don’t see their faces, you notice the little girl and wonder what she is saying. The smallest boy is so adorable in it as well. This picture wouldn’t work if the family were wearing different colour, or stripes etc.


Wearing black is an excellent clothing choice when you have a black background. Your eyes go to the interaction and the faces. I love this portrait!


White tops with a white background is also a great choice. Doesn’t this family look great? I love how the baby is holding onto dad’s cheek!

tracy and chris-29

I love this portrait! I think it looks like a poster for a movie. This couple was so much fun to work with. I also photographed their wedding which was awesome. I like the black tops with the jeans.  The colour you pick for your top should be in the brown, black, navy, white or beige range for a portrait that will be a keepsake for years to come. Pant colour can be demin, beige, black or brown.


Refer a Friend (Winnipeg Child and Family Photographer)

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refer a friend with kids 6 09sm2

I am launching a new program that I’m calling Refer a Friend. It works this way. If you refer somebody for a shoot; you can get a $50 print credit. And the best part is that your friend will also get a $50 print credit. Please note that you cannot use the credit to cover part of the cost of a shoot and you cannot redeem your credit until your friend has come for their shoot. I think it’s a win-win-win proposition. You and your friend win by getting free prints and I win by getting new clients. I’m excited by the possibilites.

It would be a great understatement to say that the weather this weekend was bad. And I can see people’s desperation growing as the days of rain and cool weather continue. I am including myself in that. I rescheduled some people who had booked a Family Pictures in the Park  Session. If anyone else is interested please let me know. I can do a few next weekend. After that I have 3 weddings in a row and then I am off to Paris, France. I can hardly believe it!!

The weather warmed up enough on Sunday to do a wonderful family of two boys, aged 8 and 10 and their little 4 year old sister. The kids were very shy and kind of scared at first but I think they were very comfortable in a short time. I’m not sure what kids expect when they think of getting their pictures taken. It’s kind of surprising at how young an age they become camera shy. Too many people asking them to smile and say “cheese”, while holding a camera up to their faces. I had fun chasing these kids down the trail in the park. I think you’ll agree that these kids are having fun.

smith (30)sm

smith (32)sm

smith 2 (14)asm

Keep warm


Playdate session in the tub (Winnipeg Children’s Photographer)

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You may wonder what a playdate session is. Playdates differ from regular sessions in that the child(ren) play while I take their pictures.  Simple, right? The advantage of these sessions is that the child is free to be herself and does not need to focus their attention on me. Instead all attention is focused on their play and capturing natural expressions while they play. They are my favorite sessions for capturing spontaneity and having fun with kids. Playdates can be done in a park or in your home. With our 5 months of winter, it is difficult to have playdate sessions outside, but the bathtub is a place that often will lend itself well to a playdate. With any luck at all, I will soon be able to shoot outside with children. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime,  I wonder if H, Q’s mother, would rent out her bathtub. lol!!   A photographer’s dream tub:  all white, white walls, and a north window.

Q, my model had so much fun in his bathtub. And such an adorable little person, with big blue eyes and all kinds of wonderful expressions!!  He is as cute as a button!

Here are some of the best of Q.





If you are interested in booking a playdate, give me a call or send me an email.

Till next time,