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There is something very satisfying in restoring a photograph; at looking at a picture that is over 100 years old and wondering about the people in the picture.

My grandmother is the baby on the lady’s lap on the left in this first picture.  The lady who is holding her is her grandmother, my great great grandmother.  I had to do quite a bit of repair to the picture as it had gotten folded at one point and was quite damaged. Some of the faces were hard to bring back as there wasn’t enough information in the original, but I’m happy with what I ended up with.

When I look at this picture, I can’t help but wonder about the people’s lives. These are my ancestors. Why did they dress in black? Was that comfortable? What were their personalities like? What were their wishes and dreams? Was life easier than today?

Winnipeg Photo Restoration

Restoring an old Photograph

My husband, John, has been going through a lot of his “stuff” and we found some old albums that his grandfather, Norman Black,  put together. The picture above is a 5×7 but the pictures in the albums are all 3x2s, so they are quite a bit smaller than the one above. Since, they are smaller, it’s harder to bring out the detail. Here are some of the ones from 2 albums that I did work on.

This first one is a man looking at a river. It’s unclear where this is taken but it says April, 1904. Amazing how this image has come back to life! The man looks like his head is not attached, but on closer inspection it looks like he was wearing a white shirt with a white-collar.


Winnipeg Photo Restoration

Restored Old Photograph

This image says St. Norbert, 1906. I love how this picture tells a story. The woman on the right is enjoying a glass of what is probably wine and the lady directly behind her is almost glaring at her. I wonder why? And I wonder what the occasion is and who they are. Too bad Norman Black didn’t put their names. He did put names for some of the picture but a lot of his print has faded.

Winnipeg Photo Restoration

Restored Photo of a picnic in the park in 1906!

This image made me laugh out loud. What is this man looking at? Why does he have 16 on his shoes? Where is he and why does he have strange ladies in the pictures right behind him. I think Norman Black had a great sense of humor (as does John) and also a great eye for photography. I would love to have had a conversation with him about his photography.

Winnipeg Photo Restoration

Restored Photo of a man sleeping upright!

Do you have pictures from long ago that you would like restored? Are their pictures that you would like to save before they are completely faded?

If you do, give me a call. I can give you a quote for restoring your precious photographs. My number is 204.962.3424.


Where are they now? (Winnipeg Photography Studios)

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The photos shown in this post were taken in 1905. The ones that are missing were taken 100 years later in 2005.  The ones taken in 1905 are in an album and are still available for us to see. The ones taken in 2005 are missing.

How can this be?

It’s very simple. The ones taken in 1905 were taken with film and prints were made of them. The ones taken in 2005 were taken on a digital camera and were never printed. The owner of these prints and missing files is my husband, John. His plan had been to go to England and find the spots where his grandfather had taken the pictures and take pictures in the same spots. One hundred years later!

He found most of the spots in and around Chillington, England.  He was even able to match the first picture of his grandfather leaning on a fence with one of himself leaning on the very same fence. How exciting it must have been to have found the same spot that his grandfather had stood  100 years ago. He still has the pictures from 114 years ago, but not the ones from 14 years ago.

It must have been  very exciting to plan and execute this trip following his grandfather’s footsteps.

But he only has his memory of the trip as those matching pictures are gone.

It’s a perfect example of what will happen in the future. In 100 years, our descendants won’t have any images to show how we lived. Unless we make prints.


Even if you’re running low on wall space, printing can still play an important role in archiving your images. The physics of how light bounces off a piece of paper and into your eyes is not going to change, but the way a computer reads an image file does change. JPEG, long the standard of compressed images, is beginning to give way to the new HEIF format. Optical disks like DVDs used to be the gold standard of photo backup, but now they’ve all but vanished. External hard drives have gone through several types of physical connection, from USB to FireWire to Thunderbolt — and several generations of each.


Please make prints to preserve your memories for yourself and for future generations!

Enjoy these pictures  taken by Alfred Kaye in the year 1905!


Winnipeg Photo Restoration

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