Entries for April Competition (Winnipeg Photographers)g

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April is a big month at the Manitoba Camera Club as far a competitions go. It’s the end of the year and entries can be submitted in a number of categories including: the Open, Animals, Architecture, Contemporary and Life. I put all of my entries from this competition in a gallery and added a few that I entered in some other months. You can see my entries at this link:


The judges picked one of the entries as a first. They also picked a second, third and honourable mention from the images. Pick your winners and see if they match what the judges picked. I’ll let you know how you did on Wed. of next week.

May 1st marks the 6 month mark of not buying any clothes. That means I’m half way there. It is getting easier. I look in my closet for what to wear this spring and see a lot of clothes. No need to buy more, but then it rarely is a need when we go shopping.  I just have to think of all the money I have saved for travelling!!

January Photo Contest Entries (Winnipeg Photographers)


I wanted to share my entries for the January Open Competition at the Manitoba Camera Club. Open means that you can submit images pertaining to any subject.

I am going to show you the images that I entered. The judging was last night and I am on the Judging Committee, so I know how I did. I am wondering what you like the best of these 6 images. On Tues. night  the winners will be  announced and I will let you know how these images did.

Have a look.  Let me know which ones are your favorite. I am looking forward to hearing from folks.

Bridge in Canmore, Ab

Church in Morley, AB



Steyr, Austria

Sunset at Delta Marsh, Mb

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