Pictures of Austria (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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I have my images of Austria ready and online for anyone to view. You can see them at this link:

Included in the gallery are images of Vienna, Steyr, the abby at St. Florian and a few of Salzburg. It was hot while I was in Europe.  Every day was between 35 and 38 degrees. Now I love heat and I love summer but the day we were in Salzburg the heat got to me and I never took as many pictures as I would have liked to. It was the kind of heat that left you sucked right out and made you want to drop and never get up again. I don’t say that easily but the day we were in Salzburg was no day for walking around. Or at least it wasn’t for us. So I have only a few pictures from there. Most of my pictures are from Steyr because I spent the most time there and also because it’s just such a picturesque spot. Have a look. Let me know if you have favorites. I always love to get feedback.


A beautiful and sweet baby girl (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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This last week I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful baby girl. Not only is S adorable, she is also a very happy baby, which made my job twice as easy. Lucky Mom and Dad with this little angel!

Have a look at some of my favorites:

sara 7 09-4sm

sara 7 09-8absm

sara 7 09-47sm

sara 7 09-14sm

Isn’t she sweet?  And so expressive as well.

I am working on a wedding right now and will try to have some previews  of those pictures tonight before I leave for Paris in the morning. If you need to contact me while I’m away you can reach me at I made up the new email address because Shaw is not always available in foreign countries.  I am super excited!!

Take care,


6 months old and cute as a button! (Winnipeg Child & Family Photographer)

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Yesterday, I photographed a 6 month old little guy who I last saw when he was born. This baby is so cute, he could be a baby model!  Not only is he gorgeous but he has such a sunny disposition, it makes my job very easy.  And although M is their first child, there actually are two children in the family. The other is a very rambuctious, but sweet tempered dog named Louie. I am a dog lover as well, so I completely understand how dogs are part of the family. I got some great shots of Louie and M because Mom or Dad were controlling Louie. but it was more difficult to get a family picture with the four of them. I think the next time we’ll need an extra hand to control the dog and get him to sit in a picture with the rest of the family. I love the pictures that follow;




Play Date in the Park (Winnipeg Family Photographer)

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I decided that I would include Sunday  for play date sessions in Bunn’s Creek Park next weekend.  I cleared my Sunday schedule and am ready to take bookings.

Don’t wait to book a photo session this weekend. Spots are filling quickly!! I still have openings for Friday and Saturday, but if Sunday works better for you, just send me an email at or call me at 204-669-0498. I am still in Calgary right now, but have been checking my messages daily.

By the way, and I don’t even want to think about bad weather, but if it should rain this weekend, I will rebook for another weekend that suits people. But it will not rain. Right??

Here are some pictures from a Play Date session in the park last fall that was really fun. I loved working with these people!!






Mini Sessions in the Park (Winnipeg Child and Family Photographer)

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Join me for family pictures at the park. Sesssions are 20 minutes and include one 8×10 and 2 5x7s for the reduced price of $50.

On Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th I will be taking family pictures in Bunn’s Creek Park. It’s the perfect time of the year to get family r pictures taken. The weather should be good and if we’re really lucky, they won’t be any mosquitoes. The trees will have leaves by then and what could be a better spot for family pictures. I love the trails, the trees, the stumps and the playground equipment that are all available to use as props. I think it the perfect spot for photography sessions.   I’m open to taking pictures at any time on these days, but you need to contact me to book a time. First come, first serve. I can only do a certain number of shoots in a day before my creative energies are depleted, so don’t delay booking a time.

Bunn’s Creek Park is located on McIvor Ave. in North Kildonan and it is the place where I have walked or run for the past 25 years. I love the park and have done a number of shoots in the park in past years. It is perfect for the play date type of portraits that I love to do. I chased the two children in the poster down some trails in order to get that image of them. The swings and play structure also lend themselves very well to capturing a natural and fun expression.

I am very excited about the possibilities of pictures in the park.

Call me at 669-0498 or email me at to book your tim



family picture dy copysm

Beautiful Baby Boy (Winnipeg Baby Photographer)


This week I had the pleasure of photographing a very adorable baby boy.  Usually baby shoots take up to 3 hours but M was so good natured and cooperative that the shoot only took about an hour and a half.  And he is already sleeping 6 hours at a stretch at night!  What a lucky mom and dad! M was wide awake for the whole shoot and I manage to catch a few smiles.

Here are a few of my favorites:







Doesn’t he have the most beautiful big eyes? You may wonder about the hat. I just changed the colour of it to give the picture a different look. These things are easy to do in PhotoShop.

Till next time,


Nygard Fashion Show (Winnipeg Artistic Photographer)

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Carnival of Colour was the theme of this spring’s Nygard Fashion Show and I can’t think of a better descriptor for it than that. The bright coloured clothing was a welcome break from the bleakness of our never ending winter. Leotards are back, but the ones in this show were like none I had ever seen before; including bright pink, orange and yellow. The grand finale of the show had the models coming out with brightly coloured feather-type hats. It may sound odd, but it was amazing. The other look was a return to the 70s type of hippy look but with more pizzazz.

This photographer also enjoyed the refreshments, which included some yummy appetizers.

The models were beautiful and didn’t need any kind of touch ups but I added some artistry to them to give them a more fashionable look. What do you think? Comments are always welcome.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this very fun event:










Perfect in every way.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing this 2 week old newborn.  Newborns are my personal favorites and this one was no exception. He was perfect in every way and very cooperative about getting his picture taken. I was able to get some pics of him with is eyes wide open and others with him peacefully sleeping. Lucky mom and dad with this little guy. 








Too cute, don’t you think?

If anyone is reading this and has a newborn, or knows of someone who will be having a newborn please note that I do have a First Year Special. If you get your newborn’s pictures done 4 times in her first year, then you have a choice of getting the fourth shoot for free or getting a beautiful first year album, or coffee table book free. I also charge $25 less for a newborn shoot. Newborns are $75, whereas other shoots are $100. The newborn price includes mom and dad but does not include any siblings of the newborn.

This is the last shoot that I need to edit before Christmas.  I have 2 others that need to be edited and also 2 more shoots that I will be doing before Christmas, but they don’t need to be completed before Christmas. The problem is that I need to get some Christmas stuff done. First off, I have cards made, but not mailed; then I need to do some decorating. Hopefully, get a tree up.  I also should buy some presents. (I do have some of that done.) I will be working on pictures, but really need to get away from the computer and do other stuff. It’s hard for me to get away from doing this. I really do love it.

Talk soon.

Need gift ideas?

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I am in Calgary right now looking after my 7 year old grandson. He’s at a great age for doing all of the fun teacher type of stuff that I love. We’re practicing a play of  The Lion and The Mouse and today we made the sets for it. Ashton is getting very serious about reading his lines with expression. Our performance will be on Monday after his mom and dad are home from work, so we have a couple more days to practice. Ashton also wrote a letter to Santa today and we made a cake for his parents. So as you can see I haven’t done a lot of photography except for a few pics of him and I with some candy suckers.

If you are looking for Christmas gift idea, think about a gift certificate for a photo shoot. It’s a gift that lasts for years and will result in a family keepsake. It is also something that some people simply cannot afford and would apppreciate getting as a gift. Gift certificates that are given at Christmas can be used immediately or can be saved for the spring or summer when the weather is better and pics can be taken outside. (I am quite willing to also do shoots outside in the winter. )

 Here is one pic of him and I. You may wonder about the odd pose. Well, Ashton was not about to get off the couch so rather than get into a battle, I went to him. I wanted a happy kid rather than a certain pose. I think I was successful. It always is harder to take a picture when the camera is on a tripod and you can’t see what you’re getting but I was happy with a couple of them.


Fun Family of Five

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I haven written for a while’ been too busy taking photos instead, which is a good thing. I have 3 shoot to write about today.

The first of the 3, was a family of 5; 2 teenagers and a sweet 5 year old girl came with their mom and dad. I’ve been so lucky to have all of these sweet little girls to take pictures of lately. There are no girls in my life, (2 sons, 1 grandson, 2 male dogs)  so I feel so lucky whenever I get to take pictures of a cute girl.

We were able to try quite a few poses and it was a really fun session. Here are a few of my favorites.