Two Cute Kids! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I had a great time photographing these 2 kids and their mom and dad at Kildonan Park on Friday. 3-year old S was the star of this session; following directions like a pro and giving me the cutest smiles. His almost 1-year old sister was as cute as a button and we did coax some adorable smiles from her as well.

Here is a preview of this beautiful family.

Family Photography in the Parks! (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Today was an awesome day for taking family portraits. I started out this morning in Kilcona Park and while  photographing one family, there were 3 other photographers doing the same thing. Then this afternoon, while at Kildonan Park, there were 2 other photographers taking pictures. Later I took my dog out to Bird’s Hill Park and there were a group of people at the homestead getting some family photos done. Lastly, as I was driving home, there was another family at the side of Hwy 59 getting their photos taken.

I’ve never seen a day with so many families out getting their pictures taken. It certainly was a beautiful day and weekend for it.

This is the family I met in Kildonan Park. They have a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old! Two year olds are always a challenge but a pile of leaves and some candies did the trick with this cutie!

Here’s a preview:

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Back to School Special (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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Yes, it is that time of year. Time for kids and teachers to head back to class.  I know there will be some sleepless nights for kids with all the excitement that comes with having a new teacher, new classmates and countless other things that start again in the fall.

Quite frankly, I don’t miss it one bit. I spent many years getting my classroom and program ready for a new school year and although it was fun and it was exciting, it was also a tremendous amount of work and took tons of energy. Don’t get me wrong. I loved it but I’m also happy that I left when I did and started a new chapter of my life.

Having said that, I hope your kids get off to a great start this year and love their teachers and make a ton of new friends.

With the start of another school year, comes the inevitable school pictures. Every September photographers come to schools everywhere and take pictures of the kids.  At most schools, there are 3 photographers taking pictures for about 4 hours. In those 4 hours, they take pictures of about 300 kids, plus about 15 group pictures.  There are usually at least 3 classes in the gym. It is very loud in there and the atmosphere is one of impatience,  excitement and Let’s Get This Over With. The average time spent per child portrait is less than a minute. The result is often an image of your child sporting a cheesy grin. I am not knocking the photographers who offer this valuable service to parents, but it does have its limitations. It ends up being quite expensive and the finished images, which are perfectly lit, and in focus, are not a true reflection of who your child is.

I am offering an alternative. For $65 I will do a 30 minute session with your child, including a digital image of the photo that you like best. I’ll  be spending considerably more time with your child than the school photographers and will be able to engage your child. The atmosphere will be fun and your child will be more relaxed. There are a number of advantages to this besides the extra time your child will get; you can use the digital images online, you can get them printed in the sizes that you would like and you can email them to family and friends. Besides the advantage of getting a digital image, you can also have up to 4 children photographed during the 30 minutes, as well as pictures of the 4 children together. If you have 4 children in school, and paid for individual pictures of them, you would be paying more than $65  and you would more than likely get some cheesy grin portraits.

I guarantee that this is a better alternative.

This offer is limited to children over the age of 2, and it is only available at Kildonan Park on Sept. 29. 30 and on Oct. 7th. Let me know if those dates don’t work for you and I can try to schedule you at another time.



Denise and Jayce are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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Denise and Jayce were married yesterday and I had the pleasure of being their wedding photographer. I had a great time working with them and their friends and family.  It was very hot yesterday but everyone was a good sport and just kept right on going.  They were married at the Kildonan Inn and we took wedding photos in Kildonan Park. The park was super busy yesterday with people everywhere, including 2 other wedding parties that I saw.

Denise looked beautiful and Jayce was quite dashing looking himself!

Congratulations to 2 wonderful people. My assistants and I had a great time!

I am inserting a slideshow and a small gallery of photos for a sneak peek!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bunn’s Creek Park today (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Bunn’s Creek Park is where I’ve walked for over 30 years. I get lost in my thoughts in the park with its lovely trails, huge trees and meandering creek. I hadn’t done a session there this past summer, so it was lovely to be asked to do 2 sessions there today.

My first session was a family with a 9 month cutie and his mom and dad. I love the image of him with his arms up. He was showing me how big he was!

Session 2 was with a family of 4; including 2 beautiful sisters.  This image with mother and daughters is one of my favorites.

Family in Kildonan Park (Winnipeg Child Photography)

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It sure was windy today! I think it must be the 4th day in a row of gale force winds! It’s amazing to me how much the trees in Kildonan Park break the wind. There have been days when I’ve done a session in the Kildonan Park and then taken my dog for a walk in the park at Kilcona.  It’s like day and night. Or like calm and wind!  So the wind was not too bad in Kildonan Park today and the session was easy and fun. I enjoyed meeting this beautiful family and got some great images.

Here’s a preview:





A Cute Guy at the Park (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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My apologies to R and R for the late preview. I’ve been overloaded with editing and then overwhelmed with the drama of losing a hearing aid and the stress of reloading programs and images back into my computer. Life has not been boring.  Overloaded, overwhelmed and stressed pretty much describes the last 2 weeks. But life will take a turn. I can see the corner up ahead. And I”m almost at that corner. Good times ahead, right?

M has grown into a little boy since I did his newborn session 9 months ago. He was not in a smiley mood the day we did the session. He was being serious and he was not interested in my animal noises or boos and just plain ignored me. We did get a few smiles but I don’t think he gave me one. We did some 3 generation pictures with his grandma as well. I’m looking forward to editing this one as it’s the first one in a while I can do on my desktop computer. Not quite a same editing photos on a small laptop.

Have a look at these preview.

More Family Photos in Kildonan Park (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I’ve been doing a lot of sessions in Kildonan Park and am thoroughly enjoying being in the park.  I love the huge shady trees and the abundance of shade in the park. My favorite spot has been the area around the witch’s hut. That was the spot for these family pics.

I love this cute little doggie!

This is an extended family, grandma and grandpa, their 3 children with their spouses and all 5 cousins. I love the way each family picked a colour to dress in. Have a look!

I had a great time with both of these families.


More Family Portraits in Kildonan Park (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I photographed this beautiful family last week but haven’t done the sneak peaks yet. I’ve been backed up on editing because I was trying to finish editing a wedding. The wedding is done and the pictures are amazing! It was a very fun day that my partners and I will remember for a very long time. Holly and Shane are back from their honeymoon and are picking up their DVDs tomorrow. I like to give wedding couples their photos 2 weeks after the wedding. So that is done and its full steam ahead with portrait session editing.

The kids in this family were not too sure about getting their photos taken but I charmed them. What can I say? I love the one of them through the fence; so natural and so cute! I think it’s an image that will be treasured for many years to come. Doesn’t the little guy have the most beautiful eyes?


The Bluest Eyes (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Kildonan Park was the spot for a  photo session of this lovely family. The bluest eyes belong to their 4-year-old son. I’ve rarely seen such lovely, big blue eyes. He’ll be a charmer for the girls when he grows up. His 6-year-old sister was also beautiful with big brown eyes! She was a natural for the camera and enjoyed getting her picture taken up in a tree, on the grass and on the monkey bars. Two very neat kids! I had a blast with this family.

Here is a sneak peek: