Family in Kildonan Park (Winnipeg Child Photography)

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It sure was windy today! I think it must be the 4th day in a row of gale force winds! It’s amazing to me how much the trees in Kildonan Park break the wind. There have been days when I’ve done a session in the Kildonan Park and then taken my dog for a walk in the park at Kilcona.  It’s like day and night. Or like calm and wind!  So the wind was not too bad in Kildonan Park today and the session was easy and fun. I enjoyed meeting this beautiful family and got some great images.

Here’s a preview:





Kilcona on a Windy Day! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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Yesterday was windy and cool but nothing like Friday evening. Both of my sessions were at Kilcona and both were a lot of fun.

My first session was a family with a very delightful 4-year old girl. D smiled easily and was full of fun. She took every suggestion I made and went with it. Lucky Mom and Dad with this good-natured  little one.

The dad had done taken a face plant a week ago and his face had taken a beating. I did some photoshopping and was able to clean it up quite a bit. Ask me about touch ups in photos if you are interested.

Here is the before:

I have the “after” in colour as well but the black and white hides the scarring even more.

What a beautiful smile on this gorgeous girl! 

My second session was with a family of four. These 2 boys were the opposite of the little one in the above photos.  Camera shyness often comes with age and ten-year old boys generally are not anxious to have their photos taken. I got some fun and pleasing expressions none the less. I enjoyed this family very much and loved that they brought their little dog for the session. I’ve had a lot of dogs in sessions lately and I welcome  them. A dog is usually a part of your family and should be in a family picture if possible.

Here’s a preview of session 2:

A cheer for the Jets. Both boys play hockey!