Kilcona in the Fall (Winnipeg Nature Photographers0

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My dog and I love Kilcona Park. I think it’s at its best in the fall. I took my camera along and got some pictures today while Taylor, my dog, caught up on his p-mail. This was before going to the dentist for a root canal. Definitely gave the day a more positive feel!

I tried some pictures using a slow shutter speed while moving the camera. This first one is one of my favorites.

kilcona 10 13-200sm

kilcona 10 13-201sm


kilcona 10 13-202sm

Family Photos in the Park! (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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I’m loving this weather for outdoor family sessions. Two of the sessions that I did yesterday were at Kilcona Park, where the trees are very colourful and make for great backdrops.

Here’s a preview of yesterday’s sessions at Kilcona Park.

One very beautiful family!

melanie lees 10 13-100sm

What a gorgeous girl!!

melanie lees 10 13-101sm

I love this image of the kids and the leaves. It’s not often that I can get their faces and the leaves into one image!

melanie lees 10 13-102sm

Could she give me a bigger smile?

melanie lees 10 13-103sm


Family Photography in the Parks! (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Today was an awesome day for taking family portraits. I started out this morning in Kilcona Park and while  photographing one family, there were 3 other photographers doing the same thing. Then this afternoon, while at Kildonan Park, there were 2 other photographers taking pictures. Later I took my dog out to Bird’s Hill Park and there were a group of people at the homestead getting some family photos done. Lastly, as I was driving home, there was another family at the side of Hwy 59 getting their photos taken.

I’ve never seen a day with so many families out getting their pictures taken. It certainly was a beautiful day and weekend for it.

This is the family I met in Kildonan Park. They have a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old! Two year olds are always a challenge but a pile of leaves and some candies did the trick with this cutie!

Here’s a preview:

bridget 9 13-101sm

bridget 9 13-102sm

bridget 9 13-110sm