It’s gonna be a beautiful baby! (Winnipeg Maternity Photographer)

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On Monday I did a maternity shoot for this excited couple. It’s their first and they only have one month to go. Kim, this busy mom owns Urban Flora and is on her feet for a lot of the day. She’s keeping very busy right up until the big day. Lucky Daddy gets to stay home with the baby.  By the way, if you need any flowers for any occasion, give the shop a call at 255-6700. I’ve seen some very amazing wedding arrangements that they have done up!!

Here are a few of the images from the shoot:

kim and mike-10sm

kim and mike-66bwsm


kim and mike-43

I’m excited to do the pictures of this baby when it comes in a month.

Till next time. Let’s hope for some sunny, warm weather!


Amazing Videos (Winnipeg Photographer:children and adults)

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We’ve all made slideshows and although they may be neat, they don’t have the professional quality of the ones that I just discovered. Well, I didn’t actually discover these. I went to a workshop last  weekend that featured Robert Provencher, who is a marketing guru. Robert has a busy photography studio in Sudbury, Ontario and has  also written a book (with himself naked on the cover) called, ” Exposed.” He was an amazing speaker with tons of ideas. This is the video program that he uses and it really is amazing. I love it!!

This video is of my grandson Ashton and I named it “Ashton Goofing Around” because that’s what he was doing. And he had a ball. Actually, we both had a ball. One of the great things about being a grandmother is that you can let you grandkids play the piano with their feet and then go home!!

Have a look at this very cool video and send me an email at if you are interested in getting one of these videos of your own child, or maybe even of yourself! 🙂

Here it is:

[clearspring_widget title=”” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”4a00559ced5f4287″ width=”432″ height=”240″ domain=””]


As you can see,  for this shoot I didn’t use any posed standard pictures and just had fun, fun, fun. My favorite type of session. You may not want your child playing the piano with her feet, but I can think of other goofy and fun things to do.

The other thing that I saw at the workshop were Epoca Albums. They are the best that I’ve seen and I am in the process of making one up. Ask me about them if you are interested.

And now, for the best part…… since I am so excited about this video program, I am offering the first person who requests a video from a shoot that I already have the images for, a free DVD of their images. Just send me an email and I will produce a video of your child’s images and get it to you. All you have to do is send me an email. Also, the first 2 people to book a shoot with me will receive this DVD free with the cost of the shoot. So don’t wait!

Till next time,


Spring has Sprung Special (Winnipeg Photographer Special)

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After a very, very long cold winter, we finally are getting a taste of warm weather. This warm weather is not a constant, but comes and goes as the phases of the moon, but at least we do get a glimpse of spring now and then.  I think Spring is a grand thing to celebrate. Why not mark the end of yet another dark season to welcome the beginning of new life and more light. So I am offering a spring has sprung special. If you book a session by May 15th, I will give you a $25 print credit. It’s a limited time offer so why book that session that you’ve been meaning to book now?

I showed you the image in the poster in an earlier blog. It now has won another award at Manitoba Camera Club; a 2nd and a 1st Honorable Mention. email-mailing-april-21-09-sm2copy


Hope to hear from you,


Playdate session in the tub (Winnipeg Children’s Photographer)

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You may wonder what a playdate session is. Playdates differ from regular sessions in that the child(ren) play while I take their pictures.  Simple, right? The advantage of these sessions is that the child is free to be herself and does not need to focus their attention on me. Instead all attention is focused on their play and capturing natural expressions while they play. They are my favorite sessions for capturing spontaneity and having fun with kids. Playdates can be done in a park or in your home. With our 5 months of winter, it is difficult to have playdate sessions outside, but the bathtub is a place that often will lend itself well to a playdate. With any luck at all, I will soon be able to shoot outside with children. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime,  I wonder if H, Q’s mother, would rent out her bathtub. lol!!   A photographer’s dream tub:  all white, white walls, and a north window.

Q, my model had so much fun in his bathtub. And such an adorable little person, with big blue eyes and all kinds of wonderful expressions!!  He is as cute as a button!

Here are some of the best of Q.





If you are interested in booking a playdate, give me a call or send me an email.

Till next time,


Beautiful Baby Boy (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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I was lucky to be able to shoot this beautiful 10 day old little guy on Thursday. K was adorable ,as you can see from his pictures. He looks so peaceful and sleepy in the pictures but in fact, he was very resistant to sleeping. His mom and dad kept getting him to sleep, but as soon as we tried to pose him, or take the blanket off him, he woke up. He also has an incredible appetitite. For most of the 3 hour session, he was drinking his bottle. And the dozing off again, only to wake up again the next time we tried to move him. But I did get some beautiful images of him. Here are a few of them:







Beautiful Baby Boy

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I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable 2 month old baby boy last weekend. You’ll notice that  in some of the images he’s wearing a hat saying “Chick Magnet”  and  I think that couldn’t be more true.  This one is sure to get the girls. Lucky Mom and Dad to have this baby.

Here are a few of my favorites:





That’s it for tonight, but I will back soon.


The Magic of Photoshop

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What do you do when your client wants a picture of all the cousins together and a one year old doesn’t want to be in the picture? Well, you take another picture that you have of him and insert it into the one of the cousins and like magic, he’s in the picture!!  Grandparents would never know the difference.  Here are the originals and the ones in which I added R.







Perfect in every way.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing this 2 week old newborn.  Newborns are my personal favorites and this one was no exception. He was perfect in every way and very cooperative about getting his picture taken. I was able to get some pics of him with is eyes wide open and others with him peacefully sleeping. Lucky mom and dad with this little guy. 








Too cute, don’t you think?

If anyone is reading this and has a newborn, or knows of someone who will be having a newborn please note that I do have a First Year Special. If you get your newborn’s pictures done 4 times in her first year, then you have a choice of getting the fourth shoot for free or getting a beautiful first year album, or coffee table book free. I also charge $25 less for a newborn shoot. Newborns are $75, whereas other shoots are $100. The newborn price includes mom and dad but does not include any siblings of the newborn.

This is the last shoot that I need to edit before Christmas.  I have 2 others that need to be edited and also 2 more shoots that I will be doing before Christmas, but they don’t need to be completed before Christmas. The problem is that I need to get some Christmas stuff done. First off, I have cards made, but not mailed; then I need to do some decorating. Hopefully, get a tree up.  I also should buy some presents. (I do have some of that done.) I will be working on pictures, but really need to get away from the computer and do other stuff. It’s hard for me to get away from doing this. I really do love it.

Talk soon.

Happy Blue Eyed Boy

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Yesterday I did pictures of a family with R, a2 year old boy. R, is the sweetest 2 year old that I have seen for a very long time. He also has the most beautiful blue eyes. What a gem. Here are a few of the images from this shoot.








Isn’t he adorable?  I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to do the pictures for him and his family.

Today, I ventured out into the frigid cold temperatures to take pictures of M, a 2 week old baby. I can’t wait to edit those. M was adorable and very cooperative.

This past week, I also shot the Christmas Concert at ML and some pics of the beautiful Christmas displays at Sobey’s St. Vital. If anyone lives in the area, or even is just in the area, it’s worth stopping in. It’s a Christmas wonderland, with Santas, Christmas balls, polar bears, teddy bears, fireplaces and more. And all of it is on top of the coolers and freezers. All of this is designed and put together by Pauline, who along with her husband own the store.  Stop in and have a look!

Need gift ideas?

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I am in Calgary right now looking after my 7 year old grandson. He’s at a great age for doing all of the fun teacher type of stuff that I love. We’re practicing a play of  The Lion and The Mouse and today we made the sets for it. Ashton is getting very serious about reading his lines with expression. Our performance will be on Monday after his mom and dad are home from work, so we have a couple more days to practice. Ashton also wrote a letter to Santa today and we made a cake for his parents. So as you can see I haven’t done a lot of photography except for a few pics of him and I with some candy suckers.

If you are looking for Christmas gift idea, think about a gift certificate for a photo shoot. It’s a gift that lasts for years and will result in a family keepsake. It is also something that some people simply cannot afford and would apppreciate getting as a gift. Gift certificates that are given at Christmas can be used immediately or can be saved for the spring or summer when the weather is better and pics can be taken outside. (I am quite willing to also do shoots outside in the winter. )

 Here is one pic of him and I. You may wonder about the odd pose. Well, Ashton was not about to get off the couch so rather than get into a battle, I went to him. I wanted a happy kid rather than a certain pose. I think I was successful. It always is harder to take a picture when the camera is on a tripod and you can’t see what you’re getting but I was happy with a couple of them.