Highland Dancer Extraordinaire! (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I was amazed at the costumes and the posing of this young lady at our photography session. I love the details and the colours of these Highland dancing outfits and this lovely young lady was a perfect model, showing me some dance moves and acting the part that went with each costume.

Have a look:

Manitoba Highland Dancing Competition 2013(Winnipeg Event Photography)


I’m a bit late on blogging about The Highland Dance Competition.  The truth is the sometimes life just throws us lemons. Today was one of those days. First of all, I have a cold and feel rotten, then my Macbook died and I had to drive to the Apple store in Polo Park to get it fixed. (They were amazing and fixed it on the spot and I didn’t lose any data). In between that, I worked on getting my bedroom painted as the carpet came out this morning and the new floor is going in on Wed. So all of that, and I am dying to get out into the yard and clean things up and just be outside.

Enough complaining. I had a wonderful vacation in Mexico and one bad, rotten, horrible day will not be the end of me. Right?

This is my third year of photographing the Highland Dancing Provincial competitions and I enjoy seeing all the girls growing and getting better at the various steps and jumps that they have to make. There were the inevitable tears but there were also a lot of big, bright smiles and huge trophies that were won.

I had some fun with these first 2 girls when they came to get their pictures done.

Have a look at the leaps and the jumps and the fun!

highland dancing 5 13-103sm


highland dancing 5 13-104tsm



highland dancing 5 13-31sm

highland dancing 5 13-30sm


highland dancing 5 13-101sm


highland dancing 5 13-100sm


highland dancing 5 13-34sm


highland dancing 5 13-32sm