Looking Back, Looking Forward! (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Happy New Year!

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Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do they work for you?

Yesterday the Winnipeg Free Press had an article on its front page dealing with the downside of  making New Years Resolutions and suggested that it was better to look at the positives in the past year; what you enjoyed and would like to do more of; what you are most grateful for and a “stop list” of things you would like to stop doing. As well, the author thinks we should set adventure goals.


I agree with her premise. I make resolutions and they don’t work. I do want to lose weight and start picking up after myself, but just because I make a resolution doesn’t make it happen.

There were so any positives for me in  2012.

  • Quick Books, my accounting program makes these very cool coloured graphs comparing the last few years of business. I love seeing the picture snapshots of how much my business has grown. It’s really a dream come true for me. I feel very grateful for this second career and love the people I meet and the portraits that I make of them.
  • I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my friends and family. There are too many to name and I would hate to leave someone out, but so many of you touch my life in different ways.

Some of the highlights of 2012, besides business goals are:

  • having my grandson spend a week with me in the summer,
  • going to Costa Rica and experiencing the rain forest. In fact, being in a rain forest is one of the peak experiences of my life. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of oneness with nature that I experienced there. The downside was the nasty fall I had there but it doesn’t dampen my desire to go to a rain forest again and the fall had nothing to do with nature.

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Besides that, when I look back at this past year, I know that I laughed a lot and had fun with a lot of great people.

I always have adventure goals and some of my goals for 2013 look like this:

  •  a trip to  Chicago and New York with a friend this spring
  •  taking my grandson to Disneyworld in the summer. I’m really excited about both trips. I love adventure! I would also like to go overseas somewhere but will have to see what pans out.
  • photography itself is really an adventure in learning and I plan to continue to learn and grow in photography.

As far as a “stop” list goes, there are a few. I want to stop eating for all kind of reasons; (boredom, frustration, anger, stress etc) and just eat when I’m  hungry. That’s a tough one for me. And I do want to start picking up after myself, but as I look around, I see that I’m not doing great on that one.

How about you? What were some of the positives of 2012 in your life and what adventure goals do you have? The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about what we want out of life and set goals. Why not take some time today to do that?


Happy New Year (Winnipeg Photographers)


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A new year is like a fresh beginning and people everywhere make all kind of resolutions on ways to improve their lives. This year, I’m not making any resolutions but I do have some goals. I continue to want to grow my business. 2010 was a great year for my photography. I saw my client list triple and saw many repeat clients. Thank you to everyone who came to me to capture memories. I cannot even tell you how much I love being able to do that for you. One of my other goals for 2010 was to go on a photography trip and the trip to Ely, Minnesota was just that. It was an amazing week with 6 other fellow photographers. The camaraderie and the great photo opportunities made this week very memorable. I have plans to go to China in April, 2011 and am looking forward to the pictures I will take there.

I’m excited by the start of a new year and the possibilities that it holds. Besides photo opportunities I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends and continuing to learn and grow as a person.

To all of my readers; I hope the new year brings you joy, fulfillment, health and success. I hope that in 2011 you are able to act on your dreams, hopes and desires. I hope that 2011 sees progress in the world and that this new decade ushers in  a more peaceful time.