The Perfect Christmas Gift! (Winnipeg Christmas Gift Ideas)

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What is the perfect Christmas present? I’m sure that a lot of us are asking this question right now What can I give to a special someone  that will be appreciated and treasured.

I think that buying someone a gift certificate for a photography session is as perfect a gift as you can get. Many people with small children cannot afford to get a professional portrait done of their child or their family. It’s a gift that will be treasured for years to come as the receiver looks at the photos and remembers that time in their lives.

I offer gift certificates at all times, but for the next 3 weeks I’m going to offer a “Buy One, Get one Free Special.” That means, you can buy one gift certificate for $100 and get another one free.

And it’s easy too. Just send me an email at with the particulars and I can get a customized gift certificate(s) ready for you.

If you are concerned that all you are giving is an envelope, why not also buy a picture frame to wrap and put the gift certificate inside. A note could be put inside the frame that says,”Fill me with an image of ______________.”

The best part is that you get to avoid the malls to do your shopping!




The Perfect Christmas Gift (Winnipeg Portrait Photographers0

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What do you buy everyone on your Christmas list? Do you get them socks and sweater and torques and scarves?  Material things that can be returned in case the person doesn’t like the gift. It really is a bizarre concept. We all rush about buying the perfect gift for people and then right after Christmas the department stores need to restrict returns because it is so busy and there are so many gifts returned. What a waste of energy for everyone!

I know we all want to have presents under the tree and things to open on Christmas morning. It is a lovely thing to get a gift that has been carefully thought out and is  just the right thing.

I think that gift certificates can be the perfect gift. But you say, where is the gift opening? Where is the flurry of wrapping paper from all the gifts that were under the tree? Here’s what I suggest.

Buy a gift certificate for a photo shoot. Buy a picture frame. Put the gift certificate inside the frame and wrap it in pretty paper. Voila! A beautiful present and a gift that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Some families cannot afford a photo shoot by a professional photographer and only have family photos that have been taken by the department store in the mall, or by Great Aunt Molly. A photo session by a professional photographer will be a remembered for years to come when everyone admires the images.

I can customize the writing on your very own gift certificate. I can even buy the picture frame for you if you like. It’s an easy gift and a very considerate one. And the value is huge!