And Baby Makes Four (Winnipeg Newborn and Family Photographer)

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Have I ever been lucky with the sweet little girl babies  lately. On  Tuesday I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable 2 week old baby. Even though D did not want to sleep in the whole 2.5 hours that she was here,  she never cried either and she made the most amazing eye contact for a newborn! I saw her brother again who I had photographed 4 times in the past.  He’s going to be a charmer for all the girls with his beautiful big eyes and long eyelashes.

Thank you so much to A and A for bringing their kids here.  I will be seeing more of D, as she is now in my Baby’s First Year Club.

A few of my many favorites from this shoot:

dylan 8 09 (18)


dylan 8 09 (22)


dylan 8 09 (36)


dylan 8 09 (75)

Bastille Day in Paris (Winnipeg Photographer)

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One of the highlights of my trip to Europe was Bastille Day in Paris. The fireworks were amazing but it was more the experience of the whole day. Military vehicles drove down the streets during the day and French flags were everywhere. It seemed like a great idea to see the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower and get some shots of this famous landmark all ablaze. I don’t know if my cousin and her family have forgiven me yet for suggesting this outing. I hope that in hindsite they can see the value of having been in a crowd of over a million people and having no way of getting back to our hotel except by using our own two feet.

We got to the Eiffel Tower site in plenty of time, which was maybe our first mistake because it only meant that we had to wait longer and breathe the smoke filled air for longer. There was no breeze at all, the temperature was over 30 C (as it was for most of our trip), and there were wall to wall people. And half of them were smoking. Smoking all around us. The French smoke a lot!! While people were waiting, they played cards, had picnics, drank, baby’s cried, children screamed and ran around and not only that. We were entertained a French singer who drove the crowd wild with excitement.  Unfortunately for us, he seemed to be able to croon out the songs with no break at all. Endless love songs in French. The speakers were enormous so he was loud. And there was  a big jumbo screen to watch him gyrate his hips if you were interested.  And people took pictures with all their point and shoots. I found it interesting to take pictures of the people taking pictures and capturing what it was they saw on their camera screen. The fireworks were amazing. There is no doubt about that as you will see in the video.

We left halfway through the fireworks because we were concerned about how all of these people would get home. We didn’t need to have bothered. There was only one way to get home and that was walking. People were crowded into subway stations like sardines. And I would rather walk for 2 hours than be pushed and shoved around in a crowd. So we walked. And we walked. We walked for 2 hours often not knowing if we were going the right way. There was no chance to getting a cab either. The streets were full of people walking in masse. Every once in a while a car would come through the crowd with the driver blasting his horn and not caring if he hit someone. It was every man for himself.

We got back to our hotel at 1 a.m. In the end, it was a memorable experience and I did get some great shots of the fireworks. But I would not do it again. Not unless I was assured of nobody smoking around me and safe passage out of the crowd. And really what are the chances of that happening?

Watch the video and enjoy!

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Wedding Photojournalism (Winnipeg Wedding Photography)

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Do you remember the standard wedding poses of another era: the bridal party all lined up in a row and the  bride and groom looking stiff and formal?  Wedding photography has become much more creative and what is important to anyone looking for a wedding photographer is that they find someone whose style matches what they are looking for. What used to be standard and predicable is now a creative process that involves spontaneity and fun.  That’s what I love about wedding photography. I love to capture the moments: the bride looking at her parents as she walks down the aisle, the love between a bride and groom as they get married and the fun after the ceremony when everyone feels a lot more relaxed and free.

How to capture that fun and the happiness is an essential skill of a wedding photographer. Often what actually looks spontaneous has been set up in order to capture precious moments. I believe that you need to give people something to do in order for them to feel free and relaxed. Some of these things can be simply walking down an interesting street; it can be the groomsmen lifting the bride up into the air, or it can be the bride and groom pretending to dance in a meadow. All of these actions and others  lead to the spontaneity that I love to capture.

Here are some examples:


This is an example of the groomsmen lifting the bride. Don’t you love their expressions?
This image also has an artistic action applied to it.


In this image the bride and groom were told to simply pull towards each other. I love the background in this one. It’s an old train station in Alberta.


An intimate conversation between a bride and groom or just a pretend one? Hard to know, don’t you think? I wonder what they were discussing.


These very fun groomsmen knew how to ham it up. You can see how they all got into the spirit of the day.

Four different spots, four different “posed” photojounalistic images. What they do have in common is that they look real, not set up, and that the people in them are having a great time.

That’s it for today. I’m in Calgary right now. If you are wanting to contact me, please send me an email. I am checking my email regularly. It’s I will be back in a few days. By the way, the sun is shining here and it’s shirt sleeve weather. Very lovely.


2 goats, 2 horses, 2 ducks, a dog, 2 cats, kittens, etc

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I had so much fun doing the shoot near Anola. What a beautiful spot! And so many animals! The lucky children who live there are C, a 7 year old girl and B, a 9 year old boy. They live in a log house house surrounded by lots of trees and have tons of animals.  I really enjoyed talking to these kids and seeing all of their pets. C was a natural for the camera, not posing, and just being herself. B was a bit more camera shy but did allow me to capture some natural expressions as well. Here are a few of my favorites.


It was a great place to do a shoot. That great textured red background that you see in a couple of the images is their shed. I would have to pay a lot of money for a backdrop that great! And they also have a trampoline, which led to wonderful jumping pictures. How lucky can I get?

Later today I am doing another family shoot with 3 kids at Bunn’s Creek Park, another lovely spot.