BETRAYED! (Sneak Peek #3)

Tuesday, March 29, 2021 was a day that shook up my world. My brother had asked me to meet him for breakfast, something that had never happened in the almost 70 years that I had known him. I knew that he wanted to talk about our Aunty Caroline’s will, as she had died 2 weeks earlier and my brother was her Power of Attorney. I was happy to meet him as I drove to the Smitty’s Restaurant for our meeting. It turned out that I had no inkling of what he was going to tell me and even on writing this some months later, I am still in shock.

The last words that my brother spoke to me that day were, “I was worried how you would take this.”

Those were the last words that he has said to me to this day.

Those words tell me that he knew that what he had done was wrong.

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Becoming: My Memoir

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Becoming: a Memoir

Becoming: a Me…

By Christina Eva Kaye

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