And the Winners Were: 10.10 (Winnipeg Landscape Photographers)

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The topic this month at Manitoba Camera Club was The Five Elements. I entered a lot of the images from my trip to Ely, Minnesota. Here are the ones that placed in the competition:

This image of Gooseberry Falls won a 3rd place in the Monochrome category.

These leaves were in a retention falls in the Ely area. This image won 1st place in the colour category and also won Image of the Month.

I put a layer of water on top of these leaves. This won a 1st Honorable Mention in the Projected category.

A Misty Morning (Winnipeg Landscape Photographers)

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All week while we were in Ely, we waited for the mist.  The second last morning  there was a small cloud of mist coming off the lake and Wendy, one of the other girls and I rushed down to get a picture of the mist. It was not an impressive mist, coming and going very quickly and looked more like a puff of smoke than thick mist. There was a fisherman going out in a boat and we were anxiously waiting for him to get his boat started so we could take his picture in the precarious mist. It wasn’t to be. The boat wouldn’t start and then when it finally did, the mist was gone. We left feeling thoroughly defeated.

Then, on the last morning of our stay,  the mist was very thick and white and lovely. A couple of our group went out in a canoe and we got the pictures we wanted. It felt like a fitting ending to a lovely trip. I left the mist picture for last on this blog entry. It is where it fits best.

The bear and the wolf are my favorites of the animal pictures.

The night before we left we had a campfire and roasted smores. This is one of the pictures from that night. Thank you for posing for me Ellen.

The image of the leaves in a pond is my favorite of the whole trip. I still need to do something about the bubble in the lower right corner. I’m going to try to clone some more bubbles into the image and see how that looks.

I’m going to be uploading these images and others from the trip to my landscape site. Let me know if  you are interested in purchasing any of the Ely images that you’ve seen on my blog.

Ely, Minnesota

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One thing that I know for sure is that Ely, Minnesota is an awesome place. I am sitting here right now at a lake with birch and pine trees all around me. The birch trees are a brilliant yellow and orange colour. (There is also a golden retriever right here who is patiently waiting for me to throw a tennis ball for him. ) I am here with people from the Manitoba Camera Club. We have found the most amazing spots to take pictures. We have taken pictures of wolves, fall trees, reflections, sunsets, an old mine, etc, etc. There is no one best part of this trip, but being here with fellow photographers is one of the biggest thrills; to be with people who also want to get the shot, who know what they are looking for, who know about composition and lighting and who are fun to be with is one of the best parts for me. I am loving this trip.  Here are a few of my favorite images:

The chair is for Shauna. I have another one for her as well. And the best one, the one I love the best, is one that I took today and isn’t ready to be uploaded. We have 2 more days of shooting. I wonder what we will find next? I’m sure we’ll find a ton of other stuff as well.

If you are waiting for your session to be in a gallery, I am sorry that I haven’t gotten to them. There is very limited internet here. There is none at our cabin and since we’ve been shooting from dawn to dusk,  it has been hard to have time to upload. I will have your shoots ready by Tues.