The Perfect Christmas Gift! (Winnipeg Christmas Gift Ideas)

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What is the perfect Christmas present? I’m sure that a lot of us are asking this question right now What can I give to a special someone  that will be appreciated and treasured.

I think that buying someone a gift certificate for a photography session is as perfect a gift as you can get. Many people with small children cannot afford to get a professional portrait done of their child or their family. It’s a gift that will be treasured for years to come as the receiver looks at the photos and remembers that time in their lives.

I offer gift certificates at all times, but for the next 3 weeks I’m going to offer a “Buy One, Get one Free Special.” That means, you can buy one gift certificate for $100 and get another one free.

And it’s easy too. Just send me an email at with the particulars and I can get a customized gift certificate(s) ready for you.

If you are concerned that all you are giving is an envelope, why not also buy a picture frame to wrap and put the gift certificate inside. A note could be put inside the frame that says,”Fill me with an image of ______________.”

The best part is that you get to avoid the malls to do your shopping!




Fun, Fun and more Fun! (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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I had to use almost every trick in my book to get this cute little two-year old to cooperate today.  Two year olds, as many of you know, have very short attention spans and always have their own agendas. Photographing a two-year old is basically getting what you can while they are happy playing at something. And being quick about it too. So this little sweetie liked beads and feathers and bubbles and bangles and she liked Christmas balls and Snoopy and a few other things, but none for long!

Her big four-year old brother, on the other hand, was so easy. He did as he was told and sat where he was supposed to. He really loved riding the reindeer. I love his “ho ho ho” picture. Would be awesome on a Christmas card!

I’m really happy to have gotten some big smiles from these 2 and to have been able to capture that. But I would never say that it was easy. It was fun though. And it was rewarding. When I look at their pictures, I smile.

I think they’ll make you smile too!

This first one is my favorite. If I were to put a caption on it, it would say BLISS! Love it!

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Christmas Gift Ideas including a 20% off Coupon! (Winnipeg Christmas Photography Specials)

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you enjoy shopping in the malls at Christmas? I don’t. I am not patient waiting in lines or battling crowds of people. I won’t be one of the shoppers at the new Ikea store the week that it opens. I’m excited for Ikea coming to Winnipeg and am looking forward to my first shopping trip there, but I’ll wait a couple of weeks and then avoid the weekend crowds.

Lately, my favorite way to shop is online. Just this last weekend, with the Black Friday sales, I bought: a hoodie, a jacket and boots for my dog, boots for me, a clamp for my flash and a beautiful top online. It was so easy and quick. I know that if I want to return any of these items I can and it will be a bit of a pain to mail them back, but in the end, I think I saved time and money and it was FUN! And after I made the first purchase at one store, I got free shipping for the next purchase!!

Why am I telling you this?

I have some gift ideas to share with you that you don’t even need to leave your house to purchase. Sound good?  Well here they are:

  • Gift Certificates

Why not get that special someone the gift of a photography session? And to make the deal sweeter, I am offering anyone who purchases a gift certificate for someone else, a session for themselves at half price. In other words, you pay the regular price for the gift certificate session and then you can come for your own session and have it for half price! Or why not buy 2 gift certificates and get the second one at half price?

You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount that you like. A session fee is $125 (plus tax) and you can always add onto that to enable the receiver to also get some prints of digital images. If that amount is too much, make it for less, or go together with someone else. It’s a gift will be appreciated. If you want to make it more special, you can always buy a frame, put the gift certificate into the frame and wrap that! Then later, the frame can be used for a photo from the session.

  • Photo Merchandise

Did you know that there is a large variety of merchandise available on SmugMug, my website host? There are t-shirts, aprons, fridge magnets, photo playing cards, photo puzzles, mugs etc, etc. You can have your own image mounted right on an item and have it delivered to your door. How easy is that? Perfect stocking stuffers for that special person on your list!

Here are some of the items. Please note that these are not my images but are from the Smugmug website.

3 inch or 4 inch pin-on button       Set of 4, each 4 inches square with cork back.                                    
The Coupon

I saved the best part for last.

Did any of you watch Oprah’s Favorite Things this year? I watched it last night and it brought tears to my eyes. This year Oprah decided to honour military families and give her favorite things to the wives (and one husband) of soldiers that are deployed overseas. I can’t do what Oprah does and give things away but my favorite things are photos. Preserving our family memories is so hugely important and I love being a part of that.

So to make it easier on your pocketbook, I am offering a coupon that will save you 20% off any purchase on my website. The code is CMPHOTO. It is valid until Dec. 23rd.

It is valid on merchandise, digital downloads and prints. Don’t delay. I’m excited to offer you this special.

If you have a gallery that is no longer listed, but you would like to order something from it, just send me an email and I can relist it.

And Finally

Gratitude: Something that I think a lot of us forget about. I am grateful for so many things: for all the interesting people who I meet, for the way in which I smile when I am editing your photos even though nobody is around. For my dog, who is always there for hugs and cuddles, for the way in which I have managed to have a second career that I Iove. For all of my friends who are so precious to me and for my family who I can always count on. For good health (being sick in the last 2 weeks made me realize how important that is) and of course for red wine and chocolate.

I love this image. No, it isn’t mine, but it’s precious and so funny!

Yours in Photography,


Christmas Portrait Special (Winnipeg Portrait Photography)

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Christmas is just around the corner. This year I have 2 very cool new backdrops; as seen below. I put Taylor, my dog to work today to be my model. As you can see, he didn’t enjoy it but he does sit still. Mostly that’s because I had him up high and he’s afraid to jump. I don’t ask much of him so didn’t feel too guilty.

This Christmas special includes a 20 minute session and one digital image (of your choice)  that will be emailed  to you. You can then use the image in your Christmas cards. There are tons of templates for cards on the Internet, so you’ll be all set. All this for only $69.00. I am trying to limit this special to Saturdays in November but if Saturday doesn’t work out for you, we can do it on a different day. You will be limited to one backdrop, so pick stars, balls, or black.

In order to get your images to you by Christmas, all sessions need to be done by Dec. 9th. Please note, this special is for November only and does not include any children under a year of age.

Pets are welcome even if they are less than a year old! Hopefully, they will look happier than Taylor.

Merry Christmas (Winnipeg Photography)

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Where does the time go? Another Christmas here in a couple of days. Things are still very busy here with shoots and editing and talking to people. Watch for some changes in the new year. I am working on some price changes and thinking of new ideas for shoots. Don’t worry, if you bought a package. Once you buy a package, the DVD and print prices in effect at the time of purchase are guaranteed for the length of your package.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends and that you feel the sprinkling of some magic, whether it is a hug you never expected or just an unexpected good feeling inside of you that you can’t explain. I call it Magic. I say go with it. It doesn’t need to be explained. It’s like Santa Claus. It’s Magic!