Family of Four (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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These 2 cute guys came for pictures today. These super great kids made my job easy today.

Love this first pose. This 5-year old was a great little poser.

Here’s a preview:



You may wonder about the green bells on the little guy’s head. He loved the bells and wouldn’t wear a hat, so I figured it was easier to make him happy and get a great smile than to force a hat on him. Isn’t he cute!



A beautiful young lady

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This last week I had the pleasure of getting to know and photographing this beautiful young lady. We had a lot of fun looking for interesting spots to do pictures in the library.  And we found plenty. It turns out that S’s dad and my uncle meet for coffee every morning at a mall in the city. What a small place Winnipeg is! It never ceases to amaze me. Often people will look at images in my portfolio and say, I know him or her. He was my high school teacher etc.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this shoot.







The Magic of Photoshop

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What do you do when your client wants a picture of all the cousins together and a one year old doesn’t want to be in the picture? Well, you take another picture that you have of him and insert it into the one of the cousins and like magic, he’s in the picture!!  Grandparents would never know the difference.  Here are the originals and the ones in which I added R.







Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays everyone. That’s Taylor, the sweetest dog ever. He almost doesn’t look real in the picture. That’s how beautiful he really is.

Last minute gift idea. How about a gift certificate? Call me at 669-0498 or email me at I’m sure that I can get one to you in time for Christmas. And if you’re wondering what they look like,  I have one right here. Great gift idea for anyone, especially if they have children or are expecting a baby.




I did an extended family picture yesterday and am shooting an engagement pic tomorrow. Unfortunately, since I am under the weather, things are moving more slowly here. I’ll share a few once I have some done.

Till next time.


Perfect in every way.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing this 2 week old newborn.  Newborns are my personal favorites and this one was no exception. He was perfect in every way and very cooperative about getting his picture taken. I was able to get some pics of him with is eyes wide open and others with him peacefully sleeping. Lucky mom and dad with this little guy. 








Too cute, don’t you think?

If anyone is reading this and has a newborn, or knows of someone who will be having a newborn please note that I do have a First Year Special. If you get your newborn’s pictures done 4 times in her first year, then you have a choice of getting the fourth shoot for free or getting a beautiful first year album, or coffee table book free. I also charge $25 less for a newborn shoot. Newborns are $75, whereas other shoots are $100. The newborn price includes mom and dad but does not include any siblings of the newborn.

This is the last shoot that I need to edit before Christmas.  I have 2 others that need to be edited and also 2 more shoots that I will be doing before Christmas, but they don’t need to be completed before Christmas. The problem is that I need to get some Christmas stuff done. First off, I have cards made, but not mailed; then I need to do some decorating. Hopefully, get a tree up.  I also should buy some presents. (I do have some of that done.) I will be working on pictures, but really need to get away from the computer and do other stuff. It’s hard for me to get away from doing this. I really do love it.

Talk soon.

Happy Blue Eyed Boy

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Yesterday I did pictures of a family with R, a2 year old boy. R, is the sweetest 2 year old that I have seen for a very long time. He also has the most beautiful blue eyes. What a gem. Here are a few of the images from this shoot.








Isn’t he adorable?  I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to do the pictures for him and his family.

Today, I ventured out into the frigid cold temperatures to take pictures of M, a 2 week old baby. I can’t wait to edit those. M was adorable and very cooperative.

This past week, I also shot the Christmas Concert at ML and some pics of the beautiful Christmas displays at Sobey’s St. Vital. If anyone lives in the area, or even is just in the area, it’s worth stopping in. It’s a Christmas wonderland, with Santas, Christmas balls, polar bears, teddy bears, fireplaces and more. And all of it is on top of the coolers and freezers. All of this is designed and put together by Pauline, who along with her husband own the store.  Stop in and have a look!

Christmas mini sessions

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I will be offering Christmas mini sessions on Saturday, November 15th and Sunday, November 16th. I will offer mini sessions again if there is a lot of interest in them. A mini session is a 15 minute session with only 1 background. You can see the background that I wll be using in the images from my last shoot. Mini sessions are a less expensive alternate to a full hour session. Please plan around your young children’s schedules when booking a time for the sitting.  For the best results, have everyone wear clothes in the same colour scheme and avoid stripes, logos and patterns.