Christmas Gift Ideas (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Dec. 6th, 2019

Only 19 days until Christmas.

Are there people on your list that are hard to buy for? Do you end up getting socks and sweaters for them or a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. If so, I have some ideas for the perfect gift.

How about a gift certificate for a photography session that your special person might not be able to afford or think of.

These can be made out for any amount and would be personalized just for you. I can also have them printed and mounted for you for an extra special presentation.

Another idea is to have some old pictures restored. It’s amazing what can be done in Photoshop with images from a time long ago. Have a look at these images that I restored.

You could send me a digital copy or a print for me to and I would give you an estimate for how much it would cost to restore.

Still need ideas? There are endless possibilities for what can be done with an image; including wall art, albums or trinkets. I would be happy to meet with you to brainstorm what would work best.


The Perfect Christmas Gift (Winnipeg Portrait Photographers0

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What do you buy everyone on your Christmas list? Do you get them socks and sweater and torques and scarves?  Material things that can be returned in case the person doesn’t like the gift. It really is a bizarre concept. We all rush about buying the perfect gift for people and then right after Christmas the department stores need to restrict returns because it is so busy and there are so many gifts returned. What a waste of energy for everyone!

I know we all want to have presents under the tree and things to open on Christmas morning. It is a lovely thing to get a gift that has been carefully thought out and is  just the right thing.

I think that gift certificates can be the perfect gift. But you say, where is the gift opening? Where is the flurry of wrapping paper from all the gifts that were under the tree? Here’s what I suggest.

Buy a gift certificate for a photo shoot. Buy a picture frame. Put the gift certificate inside the frame and wrap it in pretty paper. Voila! A beautiful present and a gift that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Some families cannot afford a photo shoot by a professional photographer and only have family photos that have been taken by the department store in the mall, or by Great Aunt Molly. A photo session by a professional photographer will be a remembered for years to come when everyone admires the images.

I can customize the writing on your very own gift certificate. I can even buy the picture frame for you if you like. It’s an easy gift and a very considerate one. And the value is huge!

Gift Certificate Sale (Winnipeg Photography Special)

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Are you finished your Christmas shopping.?  How about a gift certificate for that hard to buy for person on your list?  For a limited time I am offering gift certificates at a 25% savings, which means that a $100 gift certificate will only cost you $75.00. I think it’s the perfect gift for anyone who has children and may not want to spend the money on a photo shoot.

Give me a call if you are interested. This special is available until Christmas.

Need gift ideas?

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I am in Calgary right now looking after my 7 year old grandson. He’s at a great age for doing all of the fun teacher type of stuff that I love. We’re practicing a play of  The Lion and The Mouse and today we made the sets for it. Ashton is getting very serious about reading his lines with expression. Our performance will be on Monday after his mom and dad are home from work, so we have a couple more days to practice. Ashton also wrote a letter to Santa today and we made a cake for his parents. So as you can see I haven’t done a lot of photography except for a few pics of him and I with some candy suckers.

If you are looking for Christmas gift idea, think about a gift certificate for a photo shoot. It’s a gift that lasts for years and will result in a family keepsake. It is also something that some people simply cannot afford and would apppreciate getting as a gift. Gift certificates that are given at Christmas can be used immediately or can be saved for the spring or summer when the weather is better and pics can be taken outside. (I am quite willing to also do shoots outside in the winter. )

 Here is one pic of him and I. You may wonder about the odd pose. Well, Ashton was not about to get off the couch so rather than get into a battle, I went to him. I wanted a happy kid rather than a certain pose. I think I was successful. It always is harder to take a picture when the camera is on a tripod and you can’t see what you’re getting but I was happy with a couple of them.


The Perfect Christmas Gift

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What do you think the perfect Christmas gift is? Do you think it’s something that you can go to the store to buy?  Something that you know can be returned, just to be on the safe side??

I think a gift should be something that has meaning and lasts a long time. Doing something special for someone is a wonderful gift; the lucky recepient will remember your kindness for a long time. .  Making something yourself also has a personal touch. Your time and effort are really your gift. The gift of time is huge and cannot be bought at a store.

I think that a gift certificate for a photo shoot makes a very special gift, especially for a family or person that wouldn’t normally be able to afford a professional photographer. It is a gift that will result in a keepsake print that will last a long time and be probably be looked at by future generations, much the same as we look at our grandparent’s pictures, if we are lucky enough to have them.  I’m not saying that it is the only gift that makes a difference, but it is one of the top gift ideas that I can think of.

Why not purchase one for that special person? I have them available in $50 or $100 cards, but can make up a card with any amount that you would like. RF250055


It really is a gift that lasts a lifetime.